Suspects Damage, Steal From 18 Cars at Westlake Dealership

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Authorities have arrested three men in connection with a series of overnight vehicle break-ins at the Pat O’Brien Chevrolet dealership in Westlake.

Patrick O’Brien Jr. tells Fox 8 News that 18 vehicles were damaged in the break-ins.

O’Brien says the vehicles damaged were Chevrolet Tahoes, Suburbans and Avalanches. O’Brien says the suspects broke out the back windows of the vehicles and tore out the in-dash navigation radios before fleeing the dealership.

Lt. Mark Spaetzel tells Fox 8 News that shortly after the alleged thieves left the dealership they were pulled over by Bay Village Officer Mark Palmer.

Officer Palmer initiated the traffic stop for having a license plate light out on the vehicle they were driving.

Lt. Spaetzel says a search of the vehicle turned up all 18 navigation radios in the trunk of the car.

The three suspects in the vehicle, all from the Detroit area, were arrested. All the men are adults and have not yet been formally charged, said Lt. Spaetzel.

According to O’Brien the break-ins caused about $90,000 in damage and took place around 1:30 a.m. Surveillance video at the dealership captured the crime on tape, but the suspects were arrested before the tape was ever turned over to police.

“It’s just a shame what some people will do anymore,” said O’Brien. “Things like this cause people and businesses to lose so much. Thankfully no one was hurt.”

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