Gold-Filled Safe Heist Caught on Tape

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It appeared to be the perfect crime. The bad guys got the goods and they got away. If only they hadn't left their pictures behind.

Streetsboro police posted surveillance photos on the department's Facebook page and released video from security cameras to Fox 8 News of two men who broke into Executive Gold Buyers on S.R. 14 Tuesday, Nov. 22 around 3:15 a.m.

Investigators are hoping someone will recognize the thieves and contact the department.

"They're very bold in the sense that they did not try to hide their faces and their faces were not covered up," said Detective Jim Wagner.

He told Fox 8's Lorrie Taylor the two men were inside the store for about seven minutes before stealing the company safe that contained an undisclosed amount of cash, gold, a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and other items.

"I just can't believe how people are," said Anthony Biagetti, a store manager.

He told Taylor nothing like this had ever happened at any of the company's other stores.

"I don't know what people are thinking when they do something like that, just to be so blatant, you know, on film," he said.

Police said it appeared one of the thieves was about 50-years-old while the other was in his thirties.

They broke into the building by pulling an air conditioning unit out of a back wall and crawling through the hole.

The younger man tried to hide his face by crawling along the floor.

His older accomplice gave himself away by continuing to peek around a corner where a security camera was positioned.

Detective Wagner said the men caught a break when a security alarm failed to go off.

It would have been a perfect get away, had it not been for those darned cameras.

Anyone with information is asked to call Streetsboro Police at (330) 626-4976.

Detectives can also be contacted through Facebook at or the department's Twitter page at @streetsboropd.