Stacey Bell Signing Off After 13 Years at FOX 8

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Longtime FOX 8 News anchor Stacey Bell is bidding farewell to northeast Ohio.

Stacey joined WJW-TV in the fall of 1998 as a reporter for the morning news with Bill Martin and Stefani Schaefer. Originally from Arkansas, Stacey found herself getting accustomed to the winter weather in northeast Ohio before moving to the anchor desk on FOX 8 News at Five.

Eventually, Stacey and Bill began to co-anchor FOX 8 News at Ten, which continued until Stacey’s departure after 13 years. “That’s what’s special about this place, the people have always made it great and, you know, things change,” said Martin.

Stacey made the difficult decision to leave and relocate with her husband of less than a year, Anthony Lynn. Lynn is on the coaching staff of the New York Jets, but they met while he was coaching for the Cleveland Browns. After three years of commuting back-and-forth, Stacey decided it was time to relocate. “It finally came down to me feeling like I had to make a decision, it wasn’t fair of me to the station or to Anthony, to constantly go back-and-forth and not give 100% to either of the most important things in my life, so it was a tough decision,” said Stacey.

“I think she needs to know, her real home is right here in Cleveland and she really needs to stay put,” said the co-host of WMJI’s Lanigan & Malone Show, Jimmy Malone. He also runs a local foundation, College Now Greater Cleveland, that raises money to send kids to college. Stacey regularly volunteered for his organization which has helped more than 120 students benefit over the years.

“She’s always been approachable and you can just talk to her and she genuinely cares about other people and that’s, you know, everybody’s not like that, she’s a rare breed,” said Malone.

According to her colleagues, Stacey is caring and so much more. “The place will not be the same without you,” said Suzanne Stratford from FOX 8. “From the heart, I respect your talent, I admire you so much as a person and love you as a friend and I wish you the absolute best in the future.”

“When I think of [Stacey], I think of class and grace,” said sports anchor John Telich. “God bless and good luck, we’ll miss you.”

Anchor Wilma Smith has similar sentiments. “Sincerity, kindness, quality, class. Those are the kinds of words that come to mind when I think of Stacey and those are the kinds of attributes that are going to bring her — I hope — continued success and happiness.”

“You know, she’s going with her husband and we have a bond and a friendship that will last our lifetime,” said close friend and co-anchor Bill Martin. Bill performed the wedding ceremony for Stacey and her husband earlier in the year. He is a close confidant who helped Stacey make, what she considered, an extremely difficult decision.

“It’s definitely a chapter in my life that, professionally, I don’t know if I’ll ever eclipse,” said Stacey. “I will definitely never forget. I mean, this city and the people are always gonna be a part of me.”

Stacey is going to enjoy some time off before exploring new job opportunities on the east coast.

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