Howard Stern Asks Viewers to Help Dog; Local Vet Saves the Day

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(WARREN, Ohio)

A three-year-old French bulldog from New York City named "Snitches" owes shock-jock Howard Stern a big, sloppy kiss.

It is because of his radio show on Sirius that Snitches is getting life-saving surgery from a veterinarian in the Cleveland area.

"I was driving to work on Wednesday, and I heard a regular caller, 'Debbie the Pet Lady' call in to Howard 100 on Sirius and talk about her French bulldog rescue, Snitches. She thought Snitches had a tumor or hernia and she couldn't afford to fix the dog," said Brenda Motsco, a vet at Town and Country Veterinary Hospital in Warren, Ohio.

Howard Stern, a bulldog lover, took to the airwaves and asked for help.

"So, I emailed (the Howard Stern Show), and heard right back. I had several conversations with Howard's people and Debbie the Pet Lady. So, Saturday, after I left work here, I drove to Long Island, stayed overnight and met Debbie the Pet Lady. I took Snitches, and back to Ohio we came!" exclaimed Motsco.

Snitches the dog has a softball-size hernia that needs immediate surgery.

"Basically, the intestines that should be inside her little dog body, are now outside her body, and the skin on her belly has expanded dramatically as a result. This the biggest I have seen in my career," added Motsco.

So, what is next for Snitches?

Sunday, she will head to the operating table where doctors will fix the hernia. She will also get spayed, and her nostrils will be surgically opened so she can breathe easier.

Enter in Paws Ohio.

Snitches is now in the care and custody of PAWS.

They are also helping out with the costs of surgery.

"If you wish to donate toward her medical expenses, go to the Paws website and click the "Chip In" button," said Dennis Niermann, chairman of the board at PAWS.

They are also helping to find Snitches a forever home.

"The dog is very well-behaved, very personable, and we want to connect a good, loving family with this good, loving dog," added Niermann.

"You would never know that anything is wrong with her. All she wants is love. All she has to give is love. And she is well-deserving of everything that is coming to her," added Motsco.

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