Duck Finds True Love With Help of Personal Ad

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(MANTUA, Ohio)

A widowed duck finds a new mate through the personal ads.

Crackers, the female Muscovy Duck, and her mate, Jack, were inseparable.

"All day long they'd spend the day in that shelter, and when one would move, the other one would move," Ron Overberger, the duck's owner, said.

But about four months ago tragedy struck.  Jack suddenly died of natural causes and Crackers was left alone and depressed.

"Crackers was very lonely," Joanne Overberger said.

"She moped around," Ron Overberger said.

Crackers' owners took out a personal ad in a local newspaper that said, 'Duck Mate Wanted.'

"And it was spelled out that the boy had to be not just good-looking, but family-oriented, friendly, no flying around would be tolerated," Ron Overberger said.

Ron Overberger said they got more than 20 phone calls in response to the ad.

One fit the bill - a strapping young lad who just needed the right bird.

Carlos was the underdog, or 'underduck,' where he was, and he needed to move up in the pecking order.

"And the Lord's blessed us with Carlos. He came form a good home, good stock," Joanne Overberger said.

Even though there's more than one female duck on the farm, Carlos and Crackers bonded like birds of a feather.

"And he's a very loyal husband to her," Joanne Overberger said, shortly before we saw Carlos slipping off to mate with another female.

The male duck then promptly returned to Crackers' side, as if nothing happened.

Crackers did not seem upset and took him back.

The Overbergers are hoping to have lots of baby chicks in the spring.

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