Dog Recovering After Being Found with Arrow in Chest

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An elderly German Shepherd mix was found wandering the streets Sunday in Medina County with an arrow sticking through his chest.

"It could have been an accident, it could have been intentional. I've seen it both ways," Stephanie Moore, executive director for the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said.

"So, who knows how long it had been inside of him, but a good couple days, easily, and I'm sure he was in a great deal of pain," Moore said, petting the dog, which is now at the Medina County SPCA recovering from surgery to remove the arrow.

Moore said "Rusty," as he is now called, was discovered after he wandered into a man's yard on Boston Road in Valley City.

It's a residential area, but heavily wooded.

"The gentleman did have the dog confined, and he was able to... cut the arrow off so it wasn't such a big piece sticking out of his chest," Moore said.

However, Rusty's troubles apparently began long before someone shot him with a bow and arrow, Moore said.

He is very thin, to the point that his bones are sticking out.

Moore thinks Rusty has been on the streets for months, just trying to stay alive.

He is neutered, wearing a blue collar and very friendly.

Moore said this shows somebody has cared about him.

"We're hoping that with the publicity, and we have him on our Facebook page, that somebody will come forward and claim him," Moore said, adding that if no one comes forward, Rusty will be up for adoption in several weeks after he recovers.

Moore also asked people to remember the Medina County SPCA this holiday season, so they can continue paying for medical treatment and surgeries for animals like Rusty.

The Medina County SPCA can be reached at (330) 723-7722.

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