Quick Thieves Pull Off Apple Robbery in Seconds

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It’s a bold and brazen break-in and now the search is on for three suspects caught stealing dozens of high-priced laptops.

Around 4:30 a.m. Friday, three men bust through the glass door at the Apple Store at Crocker Park in Westlake.

Surveillance video shows one suspect running to the back out of the store, while the other two men start grabbing laptops that were on display.

Westlake police say the men obviously cased the store before.

“They had some type of carrier or little carton, some sort of bag or box to get the merchandise out that quick,” said Westlake Police Lt. Ray Arcuri.

The suspects were in and out of the store in less than 60 seconds. In the end, police say they stole 24 Mac Book laptops and one <runtime:topic id=”PRDCES000000025″>iPod Touch</runtime:topic>.

“If you talk one-thousand to two-thousand dollars per laptop, you’re at twenty-thousand or thirty-thousand dollars easily,” said Lt. Arcuri.

A few minutes after the alarm sounded, a police officer showed up at the store, but the suspects were gone.

“If anyone saw anything late that evening, early that morning, anything that seemed minor at the time, call it in to us. We’d be glad to run the lead down,” said Lt. Arcuri.

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