Dad Accused of Beating Girl, 5, Over Homework

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Christopher Curry appeared to fight back tears during his felony arraignment.

At the same time, his five-year-old daughter remained in an Akron hospital, recovering from a severe beating police say Curry, 39, inflicted on her Tuesday after she wanted help with her homework.

Akron police say they were first notified by Curry's girlfriend who called 911.

She described the five-year-old's injuries to a police dispatcher, saying, "Her whole face is swollen. She's got knots and bumps on her forehead. Her eyes are... near swollen shut. She's got a big bruise on her left eye, like it comes all the way on her face. Her ear is swollen."

Akron police Lieutenant Rick Edwards said responding officers also detailed the injuries in their report.

"The child had eyes swollen shut, black and blue marks across the face. Across the forehead had what they call a knot, but a contusion on the side of the head," said Edwards.

The girl was taken to Akron Children's Hospital for treatment, and according to an acquaintance, remained in the hospital on Thursday, but was improving.

Police said Curry became enraged because his daughter did not understand the letter 'd' in the alphabet.

"This is a five-year-old child who was looking for help to do homework and dad became so aggressive and so upset that he basically took his frustrations out on the five-year-old," Edwards told Fox 8 News.

"Beat her with a belt, hit her on the side of the head, at one point said she was choked. So the child did have some extensive injuries to her face," said Edwards.

During Curry's initial court appearance on Wednesday, Akron Municipal Judge Kathryn Michael reacted with disbelief as she reviewed details of the case.

"Oh my God," Judge Michael was heard saying from the bench with Curry standing before her in striped jail clothes and handcuffs.

"It's a miracle if she recovers from the injuries that she sustained," Michael told Curry. "Your five-year-old was very, very severely injured as a result."

Judge Michael signed a criminal temporary protection order preventing Curry from having any contact with the girl.

"Just be happy that you are not being charged with attempted murder," Michaels continued. "Because it could be worse than what it is, or even murder charges, had she not survived."

During his felony arraignment on Thursday morning Curry appeared to be fighting back tears as the charges were read to him.

"Sir, you are charged with a second degree felony of felonious assault. It carries with it the potential to do eight years in the penitentiary. You are also charged with a third degree felony which carries with it a potential of up to five years in a penitentiary," the judge explained.

Curry fiddled with papers, saying only, "No, I don't," when asked if he had the ability to hire his own attorney.

His bond was continued at $100,000.

Police said Curry had sole custody of his daughter. Children's Services was involved in the case on Thursday, and after her release from a hospital, was expected to place the five-year-old in a home outside of Akron.