FORECAST DISCUSSION: Meteorologist Angelica Campos

Beautiful weather will grace our area this Saturday, as Summer comes to an end. Temperatures will be heating up to near 80 degrees with bright sunshine. It will be a breezy day with the winds coming out of the south/southwest.

Great day boaters with waves between 1-3 feet, and water temperatures near 70 degrees. Winds will average 10-20 knots.

A cold front will approach the area tonight, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms late around 10PM.

Tonight will stay mild with lows in the 60s, cloudy with storms overnight into early Sunday. The afternoon will be drier, however the lake effect rain showers may continue through most of the day.


After the clouds and rain pull off by Monday night, there will be an extended period of dry, pleasant weather including generous amounts of sunshine into next weekend.

With the beautiful fall-like weather, keep an eye on our foliage. Some of it will start to change in the coming weeks and we would love to share some of your foliage photos on TV.  By submitting them to

Enjoy the final weekend of summer 2014!