FORECAST DISCUSSION: Meteorologist Melissa Mack

Seeing temperatures stay UNDER 70°F TWICE in any August doesn’t happen very often. Thursday’s  high of 69°F puts us in that category this year. It happened most recently in 2007 and 2009. Seeing five or more “cool” (<70°F) days starts to become rare. I have highlighted a few of those years below (since 1960): 1964, 1976, and 2004.


Today is the beginning of a warm-up for the Labor Day Holiday weekend and beyond!  Despite a cool start to the day, today’s highs hung out near  80°F with spectacular sunshine and decorative clouds to boot. As the weekend carries on, the humidity will  be climbing and the ‘food’ for thunderstorms to develop will be coming in line, especially for late-day Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday and Labor Day Monday both look the most promising with a lower risk of thunderstorms. Sunday will provide us with the best chance of widespread scattered storms.

With the weather being so nice on Thursday evening, Meteorologist Andre Bernier took unique photos of our front outdoor weather set, the place we call the “FOX 8 Front Yard.” Enjoy!


Cheers to you and yours for a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend ’14!!!