Posted by Meteorologist Scott Sabol – Sunday Update

Temperatures are pleasant so far.  Highs will make it into the mid 60s later this afternoon before the rain moves in. Expect winds to pick up later today through Monday with gusts at 40+ mph Monday.


A few showers will break off of the main cluster throughout the mid afternoon. The initial coverage will be small. Steady rain will move across northern Ohio between 5 and 7pm.


The winds will produce some breaks in the rain tonight and Monday early before the showers redevelop later in the day.


Rainfall amounts through Monday will generally be close to 1/2″.


The overall tone of next week is one of cooling in several step downs the deeper we go into the work week. The winds aloft steer a giant upper low over the northern Great Lakes and Quebec Province, locking in a period of well-below average temperatures and a long-lived unsettled pattern. Here’s the map.


Here’s the entire Fox 8 Forecast for the next 8 days.


The moon is in its new stage (not visible as it is too close to the sun), but it is at perigee. That means it is at its closest in its monthly orbital cycle. Here is the 2015 apogee (far) and perigee (close) calendar:


Note how the orbital cycle is almost identical every four years. Check out and compare the 2019 calendar below.