Updated by Meteorologist Jenn Harcher

Plenty of sunshine this afternoon with highs reaching the low 40’s.  What a beautiful day to kick off the weekend!  Might even be a good time to take down your outside lights from the holidays.  Enjoy!  It will stay in the 40’s most of the weekend.  Monday, temperatures might touch 50 before returning to normal.

Clear skies have allowed for good views of our crescent moon.  Each night, the moon set gets about one hour later and the illumination grows.

Image Courtesy Yuri Beletsky, Chili, South America

Tonight clouds increase and there is a risk of sprinkles around.  Temperatures will remain above freezing so I’m not anticipating any icy conditions.  Temperatures will continue their slow moderation through Monday.  Then we’re back to around normal for a couple days.

Here’s a look at the 8 Day Forecast: