Posted by Meteorologist André Bernier

With clear skies, light winds, and dew points in the 20s°F, nighttime lows will fall to an average of 28°F by Wednesday morning.

The atmosphere will begin to moderate a little on Wednesday. With enough sunshine, temperatures will hover just under the normal mark of 53°F for April 1.

Speaking of normals, note that the normal high of 53°F is transposed with the normal low of 35°F. How often does that happen in Cleveland?


Five times.

There is nothing “significant” to this numerical oddity, but it is interesting since Boston only has one (June 8: 75°F/57°F), and Charlotte, NC has none. Barrow, Alaska has six, with five of them on consecutive days in August (43°F/34°F), but there are none in Fairbanks or Anchorage.

Skies don’t look exceptionally cooperative for Saturday morning’s lunar eclipse, but here is the information just in case skies should open up a little before sunrise in Saturday morning. We will keep you posted as we draw closer to that astronomical event.