FORECAST DISCUSSION: Meteorologist Melissa Mack

Today is a day of change as a cold front blew across northeast Ohio early this morning. Tuesday has turned out to be the hottest day so far this month @ 87°.  Today is panning out as a completely different story with sunshine that is working to ‘heat’ us up to the upper 70s (warmer south).

Temps will average in the middle 70s on Thursday accompanied by wall-to-wall sunshine. Then, the rebounding cold front, labeled a warm front in this instance,  will transport the heat back to NE Ohio on Friday through Labor Day Weekend. The next best chance of storms will be Sunday as a front makes itself known here in the Buckeye State. Thereafter, another bonafide chance of storms will come to fruition starting late-PM Monday through Tuesday.

Our colleague, Andre Bernier, captured Tuesday’s lightning show with an iPhone. Check out the photos below.


He also captured a very long thunderhead anvil lightning discharge from the rooftop as a movie file. You will see the discharge at 10 seconds into the video. You can CLICK HERE to watch that video.