Posted by Meteorologist Jenn Harcher

Plenty of clouds this afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid 60’s.  There is a slight chance of showers mainly after 5 PM.  No washout, just of the hit and miss variety.  Tonight it’ll remain mild with the risk of showers before midnight and then again early tomorrow morning mainly in southeastern areas.

We’re going on day #5 of our unseasonably mild stretch.  The longest stretch of 50+ warmth in February is 8 days occurring in 1930. We’ve only had 2 other stretches of 50° plus at ANY TIME in winter so it’s a rarity. It’s not entirely impossible that we hit 8 days in this stretch under the right conditions. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we are averaging over 5 degrees above normal thus far this month. If you factor in the next 3 days, we’re likely to see that deviation increase at least a couple of degrees.  Warmth continues through Friday with a chance of rain and thunder. The warm wave should end Saturday in a burst of colder air, wind and lake-enhanced snow showers.

Here is the 8-Day outlook:



Some models see colder (cooler) air across the Great Lakes in early March but indications are it won’t be long lasting.  See how the center of the colder air is across the central US.


Here is a look at March snowfall historically. Will we see snow in March?  Yes.  Snow lovers there is still hope that you will get some winter activities in before the wintry season ends.