FORECAST DISCUSSION: Meteorologist Melissa Mack

Good Bye September—>Hello October!  In the books, September was 2° below normal with an average temperature (amongst highs and lows) of 63°…rainfall was +0.66″ with a total of 4.47″.  The hottest day was 91°.

Thursday will be a beauty of a day with highs returning to the upper 70salong with plentiful sunshine. A major swap in air masses will lead to a much cooler weekend.

The transition will be occurring on Friday with rain and thunderstorms, some of which may be strong. This will unlock the door to cooler, fall-like feel, chilly breezes, and lake- effect showers,  intermittent style, beginning on Saturday. That pattern will wear out its welcome as it will be persistent through the middle part of next week.

In the meantime, it is springtime in the southern hemisphere, but there is a brand new, all-time record that is being etched into sea-ice history. Note the yellow line. It shows sea ice covering nearly 17 million square kilometers, the most EVER. No… we are NOT losing our polar ice caps, not by a long shot!