Updated by Meteorologist Melissa Myers

One alarm clock away from the weekend!!!

It was a devastating Wednesday afternoon and evening for our neighboring state of Indiana as well as NW Ohio just outside of our viewing area. Several tornadoes were reported along with severe damage. Here’s a great map of the tornado tracks from Indiana into NW Ohio. Data was compiled by research meteorologist Matt Mahalik, Severe Storms Laboratory.


A few storms will break out once again this evening.  We will be mainly watching the 4pm through 9pm time frame to be exact.  The primary threat will be damaging winds.

The weekend is getting closer and closer which also means we are right around the corner form Friday Night Touchdown Week #1 for the season!!!

Speaking of Friday Night Touchdown, the forecast is looking fantastic!  It’ll be pleasant and warm for our Friday night football games.

Saturday looks bright as well as the Fox 8 Fox Trot. The early outlook is for partly sunny skies and race-time temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. A stray shower may creep in during the day Sunday.  Temperatures will remain above average, 80°,  through next week.

The tropics are getting active.  Its been nearly 11 years since the US was hit with a major hurricane and 3 years since any hurricane moved into the Gulf of Mexico. The conditions in the tropics are highly favorable for tropical storm and hurricane formation.




Meteorologist Scott Sabol put together some facts on tropical weather that show some interesting stats on the lack of activity here in the United States for quite some time!