FORECAST DISCUSSION: Meteorologist Melissa Mack

Skies are ever-so-slowly clearing out as temps remain in the lower 60s.

Our four days at or below 65 through September hasn’t happened since 1975!


The next three days will remain cooler than normal, but at least, we’ll be graced with sunshine each of these days.  Additionally, the sunnsy stretch will not come to a hlat until Sunday. It’s this cold front that will shave several degrees from our highs and push us back down into the 60s with the potential of dropping into the 50s! PICK DAY: Saturday!


We will become part of the 70s (70°F that is) club starting on Friday, but the overall temperature pattern between now and October 1 is showing signs of staying on the cool side.


Last week, we were running a little warmer than normal for the month of September, but the recent cool down has pulled our average into negative territory.  That number will continue to cool for the next few days.


On another note, last week’s snow in the Dakotas and the Rockies was very early. We had up to 3% of the lower 48 states covered in at least 1″ of snow! That’s 16 days earlier than last year.