Posted by Meteorologist André Bernier

Today’s extremes of 83°F and 61°F are about as normal as one could get on this early July day. Most places were dry, but there were nearly stationary thunderstorms that developed near the Pennsylvania border Monday afternoon. Because they were stationary, some places received a drenching of over 2″ according to the NEXRAD estimates:


Those storms have since died on the vine as the sun set today.

Tomorrow’s round of thunderstorms will be much more general as a cold front slices in from the Midwest.


Overall, the pattern will begin to be unsettled once more. Completely rain free days will be hard to find in this pattern.

By the way, did you know that the sun was the furthest away from the sun in its yearly orbit on Monday? Yes, there is a size difference to the solar disk, but without amplification, it is impossible to see. The distance is not what causes the seasons… it’s the sun angle due to the tilt of the Earth and the Earth’s annual orbit around the sun.