FORECAST DISCUSSION: Meteorologist André Bernier

Well… we finally did it!

Between our Wednesday high (83°F) and Wednesday low (66°F), we will FINALLY have a day that averaged above normal temperature-wise in the month of August. Up until Wednesday, there were none!


Bubble-up thunderstorms are affecting about 20% of the viewing area. These will die down once the sun goes down.

The front that lies to our south will start coming back north as a warm front, increasing the thunderstorm risk on Thursday and Friday afternoon.

It looks warm and relatively rain-free for most of the weekend, especially for Sunday morning’s FOX 8 Fox Trot in Cleveland. Will we see 90°F between now and next week? It’s possible, but unlikely. However, we will be gently above normal (83-86°F) until the next significant cool front brings the temperature pattern back to slightly below normal.