Posted By Meteorologist Scott Sabol

Have you noticed that the bright “evening star” (actually a planet) Venus is no longer visible in the evening sky? It has been plunging lower and lower in the evening sky this month, but now it is essentially too close to the sun to observe. Image courtesy: Andre Bernier

It’s on its way back to the morning sky and will re-emerge there this spring and stay there for most of the remainder of calendar year 2017.

The bright sunshine of today will reappear Thursday. Highs to return to normal for this time of year (upper 40s).

Even warmer air moves in for the period Friday through Sunday, but some unsettled weather will be the price. The best opportunity for showers will be early Friday morning with the warm front…Check out the animation of the rain later tonight. Notice the time/date in the upper right.

and an organized area of showery weather on Sunday. At other times, the showers will be much more random.

Here’s the latest Fox 8 Day Forecast:

Remember March 5 years ago? It was the warmest March on record with 10 straight days with high temperatures above 70 and 4 days in the 80s!

Since we are entering the biggest severe weather time of year, I check the number of spring tornadoes for each county for April, May and June. Interestingly, only Lake County has never had a tornado in springtime.