Posted by Meteorologist AJ Colby

The super-irritated cumulonimbus clouds from the weekend (as pictured below from Mayfield Heights this weekend) are gone! So is the humidity.


Now, we can enjoy basically clear skies for several “cut and paste” weather days until the next cool front approaches on Thursday.

With clear skies, see if you can locate the bright star-like object in the SE and S sky in the evenings. If it looks a little reddish, you have likely picked out the planet Mars.

Obviously not to scale, the image below indicates Earth and Mars are a mere (paltry?) 46.8 million miles apart!

The next image shows the astronomical setup for tonight viewing. Look SSE at midnight and you will see the following configuration. Note the planet Saturn below and to the left of Mars. (Note that it does not appear as a huge “disc” like some of the Facebook and Twitter posts, better known as the “Mars Hoax”).