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  • Copperhead snake bites woman multiple times inside LongHorn Steakhouse

    SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – A Virginia mother is recovering after a copperhead snake bit her as she walked into a LongHorn Steakhouse in Spotsylvania County earlier this month. Rachel Myrick was with her 13-year-old son, her boyfriend, friends and family at the time of the September 12 incident, according to WTVR. Myrick was in the restaurant’s foyer when the roughly 8-inch-long snake struck, biting her three times in the foot and toes. “I freaked out,” Myrick told The Free Lance-Star. The […]

  • Man uses ax to chase away suspected drug user in Indiana

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — An Indiana man admits he took an ax to a stranger’s truck and damaged the headlight, windshield and the side mirror- but he says he had a good reason. Dante Jewell said he’s tired of drugs in his neighborhood. “I did what I did, so I’ll own up to it,” he told WXIN. Jewell noticed a suspicious truck while on his balcony Tuesday evening. “Then I saw a needle go into the driver’s arm and I was […]

  • ‘The Price is Right’ made history today – and everyone went nuts

    Wow! It was a memorable day on “The Price is Right.” It’s always fun to see someone land on $1 while vying for a spot in the Showcase Showdown. Two contestants in one show is rare. What about five contestants in a row?! In honor of Drew Carey celebrating 10 years of hosting the show, any contestant who lands on $1 this week gets $10,000 instead of the normal $1,000. During Friday’s episode, it happened five times in a row! […]

  • Police help man ace job interview by helping him with his tie

    ST. LOUIS — A Facebook photo showing police officers in St. Louis helping a man with his tie before a job interview has gone viral, according to KTVI. On their sleeves it says to serve and protect — and occasionally tie a Windsor knot if needed. “We were walking and doing our detail and talking to people and this gentleman approached me and Officer Carper,” Sgt. Howard Marshall told KTVI. Officer Carper said the man was standing near the bus stop […]

  • The story of the ‘end of the world’ on Saturday has changed — well, sort of

    You have probably heard Saturday is the “end of the world” — but according to the “researcher” responsible for the prophecy, he expects “nothing to happen in September.” David Meade, a Christian numerologist and self-described “researcher,” says Sept. 23 is foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelation as the day a series of catastrophic events will begin, the Washington Post reports. However, Meade has since clarified that October will be the month of “action” and “seven years” of war and […]

  • 3-year-old girl’s fingers partially severed in an escalator accident

    SALT LAKE CITY — A 3-year-old Utah girl had two of her fingers partially severed in an escalator accident at a store in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, according to KSTU. Emergency crews responded to Smith’s grocery store after a 3-year-old “had gotten her fingers cut in an escalator,” according to Audra Sorensen, a public information officer for the Salt Lake City Fire Department. Two of the girl’s fingers were severed below the knuckle, officials said. Sorensen said it’s unclear what […]

  • Trix with artificial flavors is coming back after customer complaints

    Sometimes, it’s nice to eat healthy. Other times, you just want artificial flavoring in your cereal. General Mills gets that now. A year and a half after the company removed artificial colors and flavors from its Trix cereal, it’s bringing them back. “Classic Trix” — the bright, rainbow version from your childhood — will hit shelves in October, the company announced Thursday. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. The all-natural Trix — called “No, No, No” Trix […]

  • Charmin offers ‘Mad Pooper’ a year’s supply of toilet paper if she turns herself in

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — While police in Colorado continue searching for a jogger who has been pooping in front of homes, Charmin has made the “Mad Pooper” an offer. Charmin tweeted: “If the #MadPooper turns herself in, we’ll give her a year’s supply of TP to help with her “runs” If the #MadPooper turns herself in, we'll give her a year's supply of TP to help with her "runs" 💩 #EnjoyTheGo — Charmin (@Charmin) September 20, 2017 The neighborhood has dubbed her […]

  • Snapchat video shows childcare workers terrorizing boy with autism as he cries under table

    WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – Police in Florida are looking for two childcare workers accused of “berating, taunting and throwing a backpack” at an 8-year-old child with autism. A Snapchat video captured 26-year-old Kaderrica Smith and 19-year-old Alexus Henderson terrorizing a boy at Our Children’s Academy in Winter Haven, according to police. Smith is being charged with battery and child abuse and Henderson with child neglect. The three-minute video shows the boy underneath a table crying as Henderson and Smith tease […]

  • Parents speak out after 5-year-old’s swollen cheek leads to life-changing diagnosis

    POLK CITY, Iowa – What started out as a little bump on a 5-year-old Iowa girl’s cheek turned into something much more serious, and now her parents want to share their story to raise awareness. Harper Stribe started her summer with a swollen cheek, and her mother, Nicole Stribe, told WHO, “It had started one night out of the blue, and we thought it was a bug bite.” Doctors thought it was a viral infection at first, but when the […]

  • Death Wish Coffee recalled over possible deadly toxin

    NEW YORK — Death Wish coffee has been pulled from shelves amid fears that some of its products might contain a deadly toxin. Death Wish Coffee Co. marketed the beans as the world’s strongest coffee, but the company is now recalling all of its 11-ounce Nitro Cold Brew, saying the manufacturing process might have caused the production of botulin. According to the FDA, the toxin causes botulism, a potentially fatal form of food poisoning and can cause the following symptoms: […]

  • Arby’s manager murdered at suburban Illinois restaurant

    HICKORY HILLS, Ill. – A man is dead and a person is in custody after a murder in a suburban Illinois fast food restaurant, according to WGN. Johnny Franklin Price, 35, had just started his shift as the overnight manager at Arby’s on 95th Street in Hickory Hills when he was killed. Officials wouldn’t specify how he died. Hickory Hills police will only say there was an altercation inside the restaurant and they have a person in custody. Price had […]