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    Gmail phishing scam is even fooling tech-savvy users

    If you use Gmail, you should be aware of a new phishing scam that’s fooling even some of the most tech-savvy users. According to security expert Mark Maunder, the CEO of a WordPress security plugin called Wordfence, the hacker will first send you an email that includes an attachment. When you click on it, you’re directed to what looks like a Gmail login page, according to Fox 59. However, it’s a fake. If you enter your email and password, you’re […]

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    School official fired for tweet about student’s spelling

    FREDERICK, Md. — A Maryland school system employee was fired after she tweeted a student about his spelling. On Jan. 5, a student tweeted @FCPSMaryland and said, “close school tammarow PLEASE.” Several hours later, Frederick County Public Schools Social Media Manager Katie Nash tweeted back “but then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow?’ :)” The response instantly prompted backlash as thousands of people retweeted and liked the post, with many students replying to the comment. “As a new employee, I think […]


    Full list of President Obama’s 64 pardons, 209 sentence commutations

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 209 people and pardoned 64 others Tuesday as one of his final acts in the White House. “These 273 individuals learned that our nation is a forgiving nation, where hard work and a commitment to rehabilitation can lead to a second chance, and where wrongs from the past will not deprive an individual of the opportunity to move forward,” read a statement on the White House website. During his time in […]

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    Grave Digger driver hurt in crash during Florida Monster Jam show

    TAMPA, Fla. — The driver of the popular monster truck Grave Digger was injured during a show in Florida Saturday night. During the show at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, driver Dennis Anderson was attempting a flip when the truck landed upside down, according to the Outer Banks Voice. “Medical care professionals tended to Anderson on site and then transported him to a local hospital for further evaluation,” a statement issued by Monster Jam promoter Feld Entertainment said. “No further updates […]

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    Missing Kansas City woman’s last text: ‘OMG just pulled over again’

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Family and friends are worried about a young Kansas City woman who has been missing for two days after texting that she had been pulled over, according to WDAF-TV. Toni Anderson, 20, hasn’t been seen since early Sunday morning, after she told co-workers she was headed to a gas station at 31st and Southwest Boulevard, but she never made it there. “She’s a great person, really nice. We’re all worried sick for her,” said Pete Sanchez, Anderson’s boyfriend. Sanchez says […]

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    Dog survives being stuck in animal trap for 18 hours during ice storm

    ARNOLD, Mo. – A frantic search for a missing dog in Missouri ended in what neighbors are calling a miracle. Cindy Bess’ Schnauzer mix, Dillon, disappeared Thursday afternoon. “I went to check on him again and he wasn’t out there,” Bess told Fox 2. Dillon had managed to venture past the invisible fence at Bess’ home in Arnold. Bess and her husband immediately called on friends and neighbors for help. “There was a whole night of texting, everybody texting,” Sue Ziegler […]

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    Trade school fires president after he gave homeless student shelter in library during sub-zero weather

    LIBERTY, Mo. — He was only trying to be kind to a homeless man. That, according to the former campus president of a Kansas City trade school, is what led to him being fired, while offering a homeless man shelter from cold weather. Brian Carroll, campus president at Vatterott College in Kansas City for five years, says one of his students had no place to go. On Friday, January 6th, he allowed a student, who is homeless and schizophrenic, to […]

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    Man allegedly posed as Justin Bieber to get nude photos from 9-year-old girl

    LOS ANGELES – A 9-year-old California girl was convinced to send naked photos and videos of herself to a man who posed as pop star Justin Bieber and then tried to extort her into supplying more images of herself, authorities said Monday. Two years after his initial contact with the victim, the man was arrested in his hometown of Revere, Massachusetts last month, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Bryan Asrary, 24, confessed to extorting the young victim and […]

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    Good Samaritan who shot man attacking Arizona trooper says God put him there

    PHOENIX, Arizona – A good Samaritan being hailed as a hero in Arizona is not quite ready to speak with reporters. He’s trying to reconcile taking a life, even when it was the right thing to do, officials said Monday. The unidentified motorist last Thursday killed a suspect who had wounded and was beating an officer. “He is a very humble guy,” Col. Frank L. Milstead, director of the state Department of Public Safety, said of the man who saved […]

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    Waffle the house cat ‘guards’ Colorado home from bobcat

    TELLURIDE, Colo. – When Waffle spotted a bobcat outside the family home in Telluride, the orange and white Colorado house cat wasn’t backing down. Waffle looks a pretty decent-sized house cat, but doesn’t seem afraid to take on the much larger bobcat. “If it wasn’t for the dam (sic) glass I’d shred you for looking at me that way!” Erik Fallenius captioned the video on YouTube. Waffle, safely inside the house, hisses and claws at the curious bobcat on the […]

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    Your child’s ‘Sophie the Giraffe’ toy might be filled with mold, parents warn

    NEW YORK — Reports of mold found inside of “Sophie the Giraffe” teething toys are once again circulating on social media — causing many parents to worry. According to, pediatric dentist Dana Chianese said she was cleaning a Sophie the Giraffe toy last month when she noticed something smelly coming from a hole on the toy. The mother said she decided to cut it open and found what resembled a “science experiment” – disgusting mold coating the inside of the toy her child had […]

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    Sunken 600-year-old Buddha emerges from water in China

    BEIJING, China — A 600-year-old Buddha statue has been discovered in a reservoir in east China’s Jiangxi Province after water levels fell during renovation work. A local villager first spotted the head of the Buddha last month when the water level fell by more than 10 meters during work on a hydropower gate, official state news agency Xinhua reported. The Buddha’s head sits against a cliff and gazes serenely over the body of water. It has attracted many tourists as […]