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Maria is truly one of Cleveland’s Own. This veteran news broadcaster has lived and worked in Northeast Ohio her entire life.

Maria was born in Cleveland to immigrant Italian parents. She grew up in Garfield Heights, and went on to graduate third in her class from Garfield Heights High School.

Maria attended Kent State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications.

One week after graduating from KSU, Maria started working as a Desk Assistant at WKYC-TV. After 2 1/2 years there, she went on to become a Producer/ Director/ Reporter at WYTV-TV in Youngstown.

But, the bulk of Maria’s broadcast career has been spent here at WJW Fox 8 News.

She has been a Newscast Producer, Planning Producer, Special Projects Producer, Assignment Editor and Field Producer.

She has received several emmy nominations and broadcast awards for her writing and producing.

Maria is married and has two teenage children.

Recent Articles
  • Your child’s health: Back to school headaches

    CLEVELAND – It’s back to school and your child complains about having a headache. Is it just a ploy to extend summer vacation? Dr. Jerri Rose, a pediatric emergency physician at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital says maybe not. “Recently there was a study that was published in the Journal of Pediatrics that actually shows that visits related to headaches are increased in children right around the beginning of the school year,” she said. There can be triggers of stress […]

  • Your child’s health: Food allergy challenge

    CLEVELAND – School is just starting for Ava Ford, 7, and Leah Lawrence, 5, and they are already taking a test. Both girls are taking a food challenge. Dr. Leigh Ann Kerns is a pediatric allergist at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital who oversees the food challenge. “We do a food challenge when we think that a child is not allergic to a food or when a child may be outgrowing a food allergy. So, we determine that a child […]

  • Your child’s health: Lazy eye iPad study

    CLEVELAND – Greyson Sluzewski not only likes playing games on an iPad, it is doctor’s orders. The six-year-old has amblyopia or lazy eye. “He has been patching for about three years now with little improvement. And, it’s becoming much more difficult to have him comply with keeping his patch on. “Greyson’s mom Beth Sluzewski said. If you would like to submit a question or concern to be addressed by Maria – CLICK HERE Dr. Faruk Orge is a pediatric ophthalmologist […]

  • Your child’s health: Getting ready for college

    CLEVELAND – Sam Velasco is getting ready for her freshman year at Loyola University in Chicago. It will be her first time away from home. “a little nervous cuz it is a different environment, but mostly really, really excited,” Velasco said. If you would like to submit a question or concern to be addressed by Maria – CLICK HERE It can be an exciting and stressful time, with so much to do. Dr. Sara Lee is an Adolescent Medicine Specialist […]

  • Your child’s health: Summer asthma triggers

    CLEVELAND – Angelic Claudio enjoys a walk on a beautiful summer day. But, the 12-year-old knows just being outside can affect her breathing. She has had asthma since she was born. “If someone had an asthma attack it will feel like their chest is tightening on them. It will feel like you can’t breathe and you will cough a lot,” Angelic said. If you would like to submit a question or concern to be addressed by Maria – CLICK HERE […]

  • Your child’s health: Infant massage

    AVON – Who wouldn’t like a massage? Think how you feel afterwards. Now think of it for your baby. Massage is not just for adults. The benefits of healthy touch can go beyond bonding and relaxation. If you would like to submit a question or concern to be addressed by Maria – CLICK HERE Ellie Weissinger is just six months old, but regularly gets a massage. It’s something Katelyn Donaghue learned how to do when her daughter was two months old. […]

  • Your child’s health: Dehydration and children

    CLEVELAND – A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health found half of all children don’t drink enough water. And being dehydrated can be dangerous. Dr. Lolita McDavid, pediatrician with Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, says parents should look for the signs of dehydration in their children. If you would like to submit a question or concern to be addressed by Maria – CLICK HERE “For little kids, they may get confused. They have the same thing in […]

  • Your Child’s Health: Camp for children with autism

    INDEPENDENCE– A sing-a-long is just one of the activities at a summer camp in Independence run by The Autism Society of Greater Cleveland. Here, children with autism, between the ages of three and 22, are paired with typical peers. “Autism is a disorder that affects socialization and communication,” Dr. Max Wiznitzer, a child neurologist with Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital said. The camp is based on the concept of inclusion. “It gives the children with developmental disabilities, this case with […]

  • Two free trolley services in downtown Cleveland at risk to lose funding

    CLEVELAND- Two free trolley services, popular with tourists and people who work in downtown Cleveland, are in jeopardy. The Regional Transit Authority expects funding to run out in the next few months on some of the expanded trolley services that started three years ago. RTA General Manager Joe Calabrese said it would affect the evening and weekend service of the C-Line that loops around downtown, and the Nine Twelve Line that connects workers from the municipal lot to businesses on […]

  • Your Child’s Health: Stimulating a child’s brain through meaningful interaction

    CLEVELAND– Parents who want the best for their child need only to look to themselves.  Brain development starts on day one with the parent being the child’s first teacher. Brittney Thellmann-Coyne and one-week-old Blake are having more than just a mommy and son moment. “I feel like interacting one on one is more.  They know who you are.  They understand a lot more,” she said. Dr. Erin Frank, pediatrician with Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital agrees. She says constant, meaningful […]

  • Your Child’s Health: Lyme disease

    CLEVELAND– It’s a little bug that can cause big health problems for your child. In recent years, the tick population has dramatically increased in Ohio and so has the spread of Lyme disease. Patti Conte of Valley View had cause for concern when she found a tick on her son.  “I saw a bump on his head and I touched it.  And, it was a tick. And, it was really in his head and we had to pry it out. […]

  • Cleveland to have third-wettest June on record, causing flood damage for many

    BAY VILLAGE – It has been a soggy summer so far. In fact, it’s one for the record books. Although, some people might like to soon forget these days. Our wet weekend has clearly been “No day at the beach.” An angry Lake Erie made it too dangerous to dive in and Huntington Beach in Bay Village was closed Sunday. And, cooler temperatures and high winds kept sunbathers away, too. “I was here three days ago and there was a […]