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Lorrie is a nationally recognized investigative reporter whose work has saved lives, changed Ohio law and put criminals behind bars.

Lorrie Taylor is the recipient of a National Edward R. Murrow Award, one of broadcast journalism's highest honors. She also holds two National Headliner Awards, five regional Murrow's and several regional Emmy's. Lorrie has been honored by the society of Professional Journalists with two first place awards for her work in the areas of Criminal Justice and the Environment. Lorrie has also been recognized by the Newspaper Guild of America for her work on behalf of troubled viewers.

After 24 years at Fox8 News, seven with the award winning Fox8 News I-Team, Lorrie now heads the Call for Action Unit where she works to educate consumers and solve their problems. After viewers complained their homes were being stolen, Lorrie exposed a local real estate company's practice of taking homes from the poor and elderly. Her series of investigations led to the conviction and imprisonment of both company owners. An investigation of shoddy home improvements made through Cleveland's Repair A Home Program prompted the city to open an investigation into work done on more then three dozen houses with a pledge by city officials to repair any problems found.

Lorrie has traveled the world on behalf of viewers in need of her help. A local physician and a Catholic Priest both received life saving kidney transplants after Lorrie investigated the government's refusal to grant medical visas to their donors. Lorrie also helped reunite an Army veteran with his Vietnamese wife after the woman was denied entry into the United States.

Lorrie's investigative work led to substantial reforms of the Ohio Athletic Commission and a change in Ohio law after uncovering State Official's failure to protect amateur boxers from unknowingly competing against professionals. Lorrie also exposed a case of mistaken identity by the State of Ohio that forced a mentally challenged man to live without his family for thirty years. He's now been reunited with his loved ones.

Prior to joining WJW in 1984, Lorrie worked at WRCB in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a host and field producer for PM Magazine. Lorrie also worked as an anchor, reporter and weather forecaster during her time at the station.

Lorrie is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The Society of Environmental Journalists, The Society of Professional Journalists and The Cleveland Press Club. Lorrie was also the recipient of a 2006 fellowship from the Society of Environmental Journalists and is a former Board of Governor for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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  • Inside Jimmy Dimora's former home: Family Room; courtesy: FOX 8's Lorrie Taylor

    Want Dimora’s digs? Take a look inside at what could be yours

    INDEPENDENCE, Ohio– Jimmy Dimora‘s former Independence home is now on the market. The home is listed at $459,900 by Cutler Real Estate, on behalf of the U.S. Marshals who seized the home on Forestwood Dr. in April.¬† FOX 8 News got a look inside the home on Thursday, including a look at the sauna, finished basement, master bathroom and huge master closet. **Check out photos from inside the home and videos below** Dimora is serving a 28-year prison sentence after […]

  • Update: I-Team Cleveland pothole patching investigation shows not much has changed

    CLEVELAND – A month long Fox 8 I-Team investigation pinpointed the problem in Cleveland’s pothole repair program. So the city announced changes to the program. The I-Team decided to check back and see how things were going. According to investigative reporter Lorrie Taylor, it doesn’t look like much has changed. For more coverage of the Fox 8 I-Team investigation, click here.

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    Before & after: I-Team investigation leads to major road repairs on local street

    Cleveland’s Director of Public Works promised a revamped pothole program after an I-Team hidden-camera investigation. And, now people in at least one east-side neighborhood appear to be benefiting. Investigative reporter Lorrie Taylor brought East 124th St. to the attention of the City of Cleveland a little over a week ago; and tonight, it looks like a different street. *Watch Lorrie’s report above for more and read more on Lorrie’s I-Team investigation here*

  • ‘Luxury with a view': A look inside downtown Cleveland’s newest apartment building

    CLEVELAND– Downtown Cleveland is the place to be if you’re looking for your next home. Demand is strong. The latest residential development, the Residences at 1717, sold out before it ever opened up. Its waiting list is proof that if you build it in downtown Cleveland, they will come. Lorrie Taylor gives you a look inside. *Click here for more information on K & D ¬†Downtown Apartment Developments.

  • I-Team investigation: Council members get close look at road repair progress

    Pothole repair remains a topic of conversation at Cleveland City Hall in the wake of an I-Team hidden-camera investigation. Now, new changes being made to the failed pothole repair program are getting positive reaction from council members. On Wednesday, a majority of them got a detailed look at how Cleveland provides services to residents, including road repair. That’s something very much on their minds as they look to the Department of Public Works to overhaul its faulty approach to filling […]

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  • I-Team hidden-camera pothole investigation: New approach to getting the job done

    The City of Cleveland is making changes to its failed pothole repair program in the wake of an I-Team hidden-camera investigation. Tuesday, the man in charge spoke exclusively with investigative reporter Lorrie Taylor about the new approach to getting the job done. *Watch Lorrie’s report above for the latest and CLICK HERE for Lorrie’s past reports*

  • See what’s free in the world of art in Northeast Ohio

    Is your social life putting a strain on your entertainment budget? Don’t go broke in the name of getting out. Call for Action reporter Lorrie Taylor has a Fabulous Freebie that will keep you entertained.¬† Lorrie says she’s taking you around the world, back in time and down the street. When you’re finished, something familiar will seem like new and it won’t cost you a dime to enjoy it! **CLICK HERE for more on The Cleveland Museum of Art** **CLICK […]

  • I-Team: Pothole repair plan leaves some neighbors scratching their heads

    CLEVELAND- Once again, Cleveland is defending its pothole repair program, as the I-Team pushes concerns over wasted resources. While council members complain about neglected streets, one road in particular is getting all the attention it can handle. Lorrie Taylor reports that the City spends $250 an hour to lease the pothole killer. It’s fast; it’s effective; and repairs are long-lasting. People in one Cleveland neighborhood say they were delighted to see it at work on their own streets, but now […]

  • I-Team exclusive: How much is it costing as potholes go unfilled?

    As the I-Team’s hidden-camera investigation into Cleveland’s pothole program has angry council members searching for solutions, the I-Team has learned more about how much it costs to have crews sit idle while those potholes go unfilled. Lorrie Taylor goes looking for the answer to a question that keeps coming up: Who is supposed to be watching the pothole crews the I-Team found doing nothing for hours? The I-Team discovered six layers of management and added up the salaries of the […]

  • potholes

    Call for official investigation after I-Team exposes Cleveland’s pothole problem

    CLEVELAND– Outrage over the I-Team’s hidden-camera investigation into Cleveland’s pothole program is heating up the halls of local government. Members of Cleveland City Council are demanding answers from the administration. FOX 8 I-Team reporter Lorrie Taylor has learned they are now calling for an official investigation. Meanwhile, here’s how Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson responded Monday night to the two-hour lunch breaks. “Everyone takes lunch at the same time. That’s a half an hour the truck is empty. It takes an […]