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Lorrie is a nationally recognized investigative reporter whose work has saved lives, changed Ohio law and put criminals behind bars.

Lorrie Taylor is the recipient of a National Edward R. Murrow Award, one of broadcast journalism's highest honors. She also holds two National Headliner Awards, five regional Murrow's and several regional Emmy's. Lorrie has been honored by the society of Professional Journalists with two first place awards for her work in the areas of Criminal Justice and the Environment. Lorrie has also been recognized by the Newspaper Guild of America for her work on behalf of troubled viewers.

After 24 years at Fox8 News, seven with the award winning Fox8 News I-Team, Lorrie now heads the Call for Action Unit where she works to educate consumers and solve their problems. After viewers complained their homes were being stolen, Lorrie exposed a local real estate company's practice of taking homes from the poor and elderly. Her series of investigations led to the conviction and imprisonment of both company owners. An investigation of shoddy home improvements made through Cleveland's Repair A Home Program prompted the city to open an investigation into work done on more then three dozen houses with a pledge by city officials to repair any problems found.

Lorrie has traveled the world on behalf of viewers in need of her help. A local physician and a Catholic Priest both received life saving kidney transplants after Lorrie investigated the government's refusal to grant medical visas to their donors. Lorrie also helped reunite an Army veteran with his Vietnamese wife after the woman was denied entry into the United States.

Lorrie's investigative work led to substantial reforms of the Ohio Athletic Commission and a change in Ohio law after uncovering State Official's failure to protect amateur boxers from unknowingly competing against professionals. Lorrie also exposed a case of mistaken identity by the State of Ohio that forced a mentally challenged man to live without his family for thirty years. He's now been reunited with his loved ones.

Prior to joining WJW in 1984, Lorrie worked at WRCB in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a host and field producer for PM Magazine. Lorrie also worked as an anchor, reporter and weather forecaster during her time at the station.

Lorrie is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The Society of Environmental Journalists, The Society of Professional Journalists and The Cleveland Press Club. Lorrie was also the recipient of a 2006 fellowship from the Society of Environmental Journalists and is a former Board of Governor for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Recent Articles
  • (Dash cam image from Rocky River police)

    Dash cam captures man beating himself up, spitting on officer after his arrest

    ROCKY RIVER, Ohio- Too much celebrating landed a local man in jail and getting him there was no party for Rocky River police. Fox8’s Lorrie Taylor says extreme behavior was the biggest crime he committed that night and it was all caught on camera.

  • Pothole patrol: Councilman points out some of biggest potholes in town

    CLEVELAND– The conversation surrounding Cleveland’s pothole problem is heating up.  One councilman is calling for a long-term resurfacing plan; another is demanding a systematic approach to dealing with the problem.  Ward 8 Councilman Mike Polensek took a drive around town with Fox8’s Lorrie Taylor while discussing ways to solve the vexing problem.

  • girl

    17-year-old shot outside rec center speaks out as police arrest triplets

    CLEVELAND- Three men have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a 17-year-old girl outside the Glenville Rec Center on Tuesday. Cleveland police said the suspects are 18-year-old triplets Tyrese Thomas, Terry Thomas and Terrance Thomas. They have not yet been charged. The teenager- Precious Marshall- was shot in the hip around 5 p.m. Tuesday as police said two cars were exchanging gunfire; one of the rounds struck her. Precious talked to our Lorrie Taylor on Wednesday. She told […]

  • I-Team: Surveillance video shows hit-and-run that injured valet

    CLEVELAND– The FOX 8 News I-Team has obtained exclusive video shot by a security camera outside The 9 on the night a 24-year-old parking valet was struck by an SUV that kept on going. The hit-and-run accident happened around 6:00 on Saturday night, February 28.  The video showed Daniils Mamedovs delivering an SUV to a customer at East 9th and Euclid before being struck by a passing automobile. Mamedovs’ body could be seen hitting the hood of a 2008 Nissan […]

  • Family concerned about future wedding after Madison Country Club fire

    MADISON – At least a dozen brides will be forced to look for a new reception hall, following Thursday morning’s fire at the Madison Country Club. Nikki Stone, who used to call Madison home, is one of them. Her parents, Tim and Mary Lou Stone, still live in the community.   They are sick over the burning of the Club, where their daughter’s wedding reception was to have been held in May. The loss of the Club is symbolic of the […]

  • Tips on how to fix and prevent thaw damage to your roof

    SEVEN HILLS, Ohio – If your home is one of the many with giant, melting icicles hanging from the roof, you may also have some nasty water spots forming on your ceilings. Now is the time to get that issue fixed and to look into preventing it from happening in the future. Watch Fox 8’s Lorrie Taylor’s Call for Action  report above.  

  • Happy homecoming: Local soldier surprises his daughter at school

    MENTOR,  Ohio – It has been proven true, time after time: fathers and daughters truly have a special bond.  And when they have to be apart from one another, it is never easy. But sometimes, that just makes the reunion all that more special. Fox 8 was there for such a reunion, when a soldier just back from Afghanistan surprised his little girl at school.  Click on the box above to watch this very special moment.

  • I-Team investigation reveals few financial crime victims are finding justice

    CLEVELAND  – Last year, thousands of people filed reports of being victims of financial crimes, but an I-Team investigation revealed that very few found justice. According to information obtained from a public records request, in Cleveland, 1,801 claims were made to the Cleveland police financial crime unit, only 322 were assigned and only 48 had arrests. Many may wonder why more crimes in the unit aren’t being solved, and, according to a department spokesperson, it could be due to the unit […]

  • Low-cost flights with fees for extras: It is worth it?

    CLEVELAND- Low-cost airlines advertise savings of up to 50 percent, but those deals come at a cost. Fox8’s Lorrie Taylor says you’ll pay extra for the smallest convenience so do your math before booking.

  • City leaders address Cleveland’s pothole problems

    CLEVELAND — It’s like a real-life game of dodge-ems on the streets of Cleveland, where potholes are eating away at the pavement. Anthony Williams of Cleveland says it’s all he can do to stay in the game. “What are you seeing out there?” asked Fox 8’s Lorrie Taylor. “Potholes that deep, that deep, all over the place, look out there,” he said, waving his arm toward the intersection of East 55th and St. Clair. Last year, more than a thousand […]

  • Pet tax deductions you may not know about

    NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio- Are you one of the millions of people who count dogs and cats as members of the family?  If so, you may be entitled to tax deductions you’ve never heard of before. Les Szarka, from Szarka Financial in North Olmsted, said not every animal’s expenses qualify, but it could pay to know which ones do. For instance, Jane McCroskey and her husband have been fostering dogs and cats for the Public Animal Welfare Society or PAWS, which […]

  • FOX 8 exclusive: Former Brimfield police chief breaks silence on sexual harassment suit

    BRIMFIELD, Ohio-  Brimfield Township’s former chief of police, known for his big personality and even bigger Facebook following, is being sued for sexual harassment.  David Oliver, 47, had been silent since retiring from his position in mid-January.  He stepped down from his post citing health concerns following a two week unpaid suspension related to the department’s gender-based discrimination policy. “I am looking forward to getting some witnesses under oath and getting my side of the story out,” Oliver told I-Team […]