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Jack has been a general assignment reporter at Fox 8 since 1995.

In 2009, Jack Shea received an Emmy Award for Fox 8's live coverage of the Cuyahoga County Government corruption raids.

Among other honors he has received, first place in the country from the National Headliners Awards, for leading Fox 8's coverage of the Huron County
"Kids in Cages" Story.

Jack has received a number of other awards during his career, including two WICI Crystal Awards for his coverage of the impact of NAFTA in Mexico and the U.S., and a series on illegal political fundraisers.

Jack is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He attended the University of Toledo, where he was President and Prudential of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Jack recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by making a pilgrimage to County Kerry Ireland, the homeland of his grandfather before he immigrated to America.

Jack and his family live in Avon Lake.

Recent Articles
  • Wife among those indicted in 2011 cold case murder of Newbury Township man

    GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio — Authorities say that three arrests have been made in connection with a cold case murder in Newbury Township. According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Randy G. Scheffield, 53, was found dead in his home on Dec. 27, 2011. He had a gunshot wound to the head. At a press conference on Friday afternoon, authorities said those indicted are: Randy’s wife, Doretta Scheffield, 64; Doretta’s son, David “Tig” Rowles, 34; and his girlfriend, Gina Battaglia, 31. […]

  • Cleveland chase caught on dash cam, two suspects still on the run

    CLEVELAND – On March 13, Ohio State¬†Highway Patrol had assigned two troopers to the east side of Cleveland. They attempted to pull over a car for pulling through an intersection without a working traffic light and not having a visible license plate. The driver fled, leading the troopers through city streets. As the trooper pulled back, in fear of the chase becoming dangerous, the car crashed into a tree at East 93rd and Harvard. The driver and passenger fled, but […]

  • Unusual suspect: Investigators say theft ringleader is man with one arm

    AKRON– Caught on camera: Police in suburban Akron are searching for a team of bandits who have carried out a number of daring heists as surveillance cameras were rolling. Jack Shea reports that there’s something unusual about one of the suspects. Investigators say the ringleader is a man with one arm and they are hoping that detail will lead to his arrest.

  • pothole

    Cleveland City Council President announces street resurfacing plan

    CLEVELAND- The president of Cleveland City Council announced a plan Monday to resurface city streets and fix potholes. President Kevin Kelley held a caucus at noon on Monday to describe his proposal to resurface every road in the city at least once every 20 years. Kelley’s plan includes increasing the amount of money allocated by the City to repair crumbling streets, from $4.4 million, split among 17 council wards, to $10 million, where the worst streets will be the top […]

  • Dress code controversy: Teen attempts to make statement by cross-dressing

    GREEN – When Keegan Carr wore a dress to school earlier this week, his goal was to make a statement. “Some of my friends are bi and I know some people that are gay, but they have a hard time expressing how they feel and some of them get made fun of for that,” said Carr. “So I showed them that it’s okay to be how you want and be who you are.” Keegan was told he was in violation […]

  • I-Team: Man says he was wrongly convicted because of Ariel Castro testimony

    CLEVELAND- He was convicted of kidnapping and holding three women hostage for more than a decade. But, Ariel Castro didn’t serve out much of his sentence before committing suicide in his cell. Now, another Cleveland man, who was found guilty of sex crimes, says he was wrongfully convicted, based on false testimony from Ariel Castro. In the video above, Jack Shea looks into the man’s story and his quest for a new trial. *More on Ariel Castro here*

  • I-Team exclusive: Undercover video catches man cheating the system

    MASSILLON– Adelbert Tyman, 41, of Massillon,¬† plead guilty to a charge of workers compensation fraud after he continued to take money for a workers compensation claim while he continued to work other jobs. “I think his doctor would have been interested in this video to compare against what Mr. Tyman told him his limitations were, and what his actual limitations are,” said Phil Brickman of the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. Tyman resumed his work as a mechanic, all while […]

  • Police searching for vandals who have egged Euclid man’s home hundreds of times

    EUCLID – A Euclid man contacted Fox 8 months back about his home being egged hundreds of times. Al Clemens Jr., said eggs are about 80 percent of the items thrown at his home. There have also been apples, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and canned goods. Police say they’ve responded to each call from Clemens and have conducted an exhaustive investigation. So far, they’ve had no luck in identifying a vandal. The damage to the home is so extensive that […]

  • Rejeana Moss and David Moss

    Couple pleads not guilty to holding captive, abusing adopted children

    ASHTABULA COUNTY, Ohio — A married Ashtabula County couple accused of holding captive and abusing their three adopted children pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday. David and Rejeana Moss face charges of kidnapping, felonious assault and child endangering. David Moss also faces charges of sexual battery and gross sexual imposition. They were both issued $50,000 bond. The alleged abuse was discovered when the two girls, 11 and 13, picked the lock on their bedroom door, snuck outside and took the […]

  • Police: Suspected shoplifters caught with stolen store items

    CLEVELAND- Two suspected shoplifters from Cleveland were busted after police said they made off with loot that included a 32″ TV and a couple of coffee makers. Investigators said the pair was bold, stealing in broad daylight. *Watch Jack Shea’s report above for more*

  • ‘I was in shock': Woman says she was attacked in Tremont

    TREMONT, Ohio- A suburban Cleveland woman said she was viciously attacked and mugged in the city’s Tremont neighborhood Saturday night; her cousin was also hit when she tried to help. She told FOX 8’s Jack Shea that they were walking to a restaurant around 8 p.m. when a group of three young men and two women jumped out of a white Jeep that had just passed by. According to the victim, one of the men demanded her phone and when […]

  • Couple accused of holding three adopted children captive and abusing them

    ASHTABULA COUNTY – Prosecutors say years of abuse to three children finally ended after a brave escape from the two daughters. David Moss and his wife Rejeana Moss had allegedly been abusing their two adopted daughters and their adopted son. The children were rescued after the two girls, 11 and 13, picked the lock on their bedroom door, snuck outside and took the family car. They crashed soon after, as they had never driven before, and were helped when police […]