Jack has been a general assignment reporter at Fox 8 since 1995.

In 2009, Jack Shea received an Emmy Award for Fox 8’s live coverage of the Cuyahoga County Government corruption raids.

Among other honors he has received, first place in the country from the National Headliners Awards, for leading Fox 8’s coverage of the Huron County
“Kids in Cages” Story.

Jack has received a number of other awards during his career, including two WICI Crystal Awards for his coverage of the impact of NAFTA in Mexico and the U.S., and a series on illegal political fundraisers.

Jack is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He attended the University of Toledo, where he was President and Prudential of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Jack recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by making a pilgrimage to County Kerry Ireland, the homeland of his grandfather before he immigrated to America.

Jack and his family live in Avon Lake.

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    STARK COUNTY- The dog warden in Stark County is asking for help to find stray dogs a home. Jon Barber, the Stark County Dog Warden, said they are running out of room for large dogs that have run away or have been abandoned by their owners. ***Check out the dogs up for adoption here*** Barber, who is required by law to pick up strays, told FOX 8, in recent weeks they have been at or near capacity. If the shelter […]

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    ROCKY RIVER, Ohio– At the 9-1-1 Driving School in Rocky River, instructors who are current and former police officers, try to mold the minds of young drivers. Unfortunately, the lessons learned from fatal accidents like a crash on Tuesday afternoon that claimed the lives of recent Chardon High School graduates Dominic Ricci and Jackson Condon, have become part of the curriculum. Veteran driving instructor Bob Adamich told Fox 8, “If you don’t watch, this is what can happen. You know, […]

  • Teen heart attack survivor raises money for AEDs

    RICHFIELD, Ohio – When Caleb Perkins was a high school junior, his heart suddenly stopped beating at a track and field practice on March 18, 2016. He was in full cardiac arrest. A Revere athletic trainer used an automated external defibrillator – an AED – to shock his heart back into rhythm. Now Caleb, a recent Revere graduate, and his family are working to raise awareness about the proper use of CPR and AED’s. Caleb is teaming up with the […]

  • Newly released recordings shed light on arrest of Cleveland scrap yard owner

    CLEVELAND – Newly released recordings of wiretapped phone calls are shedding light on the business practices of Cleveland scrap yard owner Carmine Agnello. Angello is the ex-son-in-law of Mafia Don John Gotti. He was arrested in July of 2015 after an investigation found that he used dirt and sand to increase the weight and value of scrapped cars and trucks. The phone call recordings caught Agnello telling employees to add more weight to cars that he was shipping to a […]

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  • Protect your purses: Rocky River police issue warning about thieves targeting shoppers

    ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — An important warning from Rocky River police about a group of thieves targeting shoppers at local grocery stores. Police said over the last week, three wallets have been stolen from unattended handbags in Rocky River. It happened at several different retail stores, including Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, and Panera. In all three instances unauthorized purchases were made at nearby stores using the victim’s credit cards. On May 16, investigators say a woman seen on surveillance video is posing […]

  • Video shows man get into fight with student he believes is bullying stepson

    PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio– A local man is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a student at Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights. Police say video shows the 35-year-old man arriving at the school after learning his son was allegedly being bullied. As the man walked through the lunchroom area, he was confronted by a 16-year-old student. The two went nose to nose and exchanged words. The man appeared to strike the teen, who then came back at the man. They bounced off […]

  • ‘I wish I was there:’ Surviving family member talks about house fire that killed seven

    AKRON, Ohio– The daughter and sister of the victims of a deadly Akron house fire is sharing her story. Firefighters were called to a home on Fultz Street in Akron just before 3 a.m. Monday for the blaze. While the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office hasn’t officially identified the victims, we know two adults and five children, ranging in age from 1 to 14 years old, died in the fire. Brittany Boggs said her heart is broken over the loss […]

  • ‘They’re all gone:’ relatives of the 7 Akron fire victims react to the devastating news

    GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio – Relatives of the victims of Monday’s deadly Akron house fire are reacting to the news that 7 family members lost their lives in the flames. They say they learned about the tragedy early Monday morning, when they received a message with the devastating words, “They’re all gone.” Jack Shea spoke with the mother and grandmother of the victims as well as one of their aunts at their homes in Garrettsville. A GoFundMe account has been set up by the […]

  • Clerk saved by deli case when car crashed into convenience store

    ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — Chaotic moments are captured on police body camera after a car crashed into a convenience store. Rocky River police responded to an alarm early Sunday morning at the convenience mart on Hilliard Boulevard, and discovered that a car traveling at around 40 mph had crashed through security poles and drove into the middle of the store. The clerk was trapped under debris and told police he had just closed for the night, when the car crashed into the front […]

  • Willard police investigate mystery behind stray bullet that hit home

    WILLARD, Ohio –  A bullet slams through the wall of a home in a quiet neighborhood. And that was just the beginning of a mystery unfolding in Willard, Ohio. Residents on Dale Avenue heard a number of gunshots on May 4th. Some also reported seeing a car drive away at high speed right afterwards. But two blocks away, one of those bullets hit the glass door of a home, missing two people who were sleeping inside. They weren’t hurt. Police […]