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Jack has been a general assignment reporter at Fox 8 since 1995.

In 2009, Jack Shea received an Emmy Award for Fox 8’s live coverage of the Cuyahoga County Government corruption raids.

Among other honors he has received, first place in the country from the National Headliners Awards, for leading Fox 8’s coverage of the Huron County
“Kids in Cages” Story.

Jack has received a number of other awards during his career, including two WICI Crystal Awards for his coverage of the impact of NAFTA in Mexico and the U.S., and a series on illegal political fundraisers.

Jack is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He attended the University of Toledo, where he was President and Prudential of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Jack recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by making a pilgrimage to County Kerry Ireland, the homeland of his grandfather before he immigrated to America.

Jack and his family live in Avon Lake.

Recent Articles
  • Family forced to move as authorities learn more about abandoned coal mine

    STARK COUNTY – A family had concerns about their home when cracks started to appear, but learned it was much worse than expected. Crews are now drilling to learn more about an abandoned coal mine that is believed to be damaging several homes nearby. One family had to quickly move out of their home Monday when notified about how serious the situation really was. The homeowner said he would like to return to his house after repairs are made, but he […]

  • I-Team: Man tased at the 9 in Cleveland, security guard could face charges

    CLEVELAND – When security guards at The 9 approached Colton Brightbill, they claimed he was trespassing after being asked to leave. They claimed he was incoherent and resisted them when they tried to ask him to leave. “There was no reason for him to touch me, I had nothing, I was doing nothing wrong at that time. There was no reason for him to put his hands on me in the first place, and at that point, I reacted, and […]

  • Family takes fight to Facebook, pushes to keep teen’s killer in prison

    LAKE COUNTY, Ohio– A notorious 1985 crime is back in the headlines. A Lake County girl was dismembered and then buried in a strawberry patch. Now, her family is fighting to keep her killer in prison. Watch the report from FOX 8’s Jack Shea in the video above. CLICK HERE for the ‘No Parole for Scott Grant’ Facebook page.

  • Cleveland’s canine SWAT team member gets bulletproof vest

    CLEVELAND – He is the secret weapon of the Cleveland police’s SWAT team. His fellow officers say that he is fearless and that he has a nose for trouble. That’s why he is the team member they always send in first. And now he has an added layer of protection when he leads the team in. Fox 8’s Jack Shea reports that Goro, the canine member of the team, now has his very own, custom-made bulletproof vest.

  • workers' comp fraud

    I-Team: Local contractor caught after defrauding workers’ comp for hundreds of thousands of dollars

    CLEVELAND –  Undercover cameras recently caught a local contractor who was cheating the worker’s compensation system for over a decade. The contractor has received more than 300-thousand dollars over the years, but now he is the one who will have to pay. The I-Team’s Jack Shea has the story.  

  • Ashtabula man arrested, accused of impersonating a police officer

    NORTH KINGSVILLE – An off-duty officer called 911 when he noticed a man with police lights on his SUV was following him while driving. The man pulled the off-duty officer over and claimed he was trying to help him because he thought his car was weaving. Fox 8’s Jack Shea spoke with his mother who is supporting her son and says he was not impersonating an officer, just being a good person.

  • ‘I was appalled’: Deputy resigns after body cam video shows him dragging woman

    WAYNE COUNTY, Ohio– A local sheriff’s deputy resigns after video from his body camera shows how he treated a woman in distress. FOX 8 News reporter Jack Shea says no one would have known what happened if not for the video; but, it did not stop the man from getting another job in law enforcement. *Watch the body cam video above*

  • Department of Homeland Security speaks out on illegal immigrant accused in Lake County crime spree

    CONCORD TWP., Ohio — The Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that they attempted to find out Juan Emmanuel Razo’s legal status on July 7, but he was released when the determination was unable to be made.  Razo is accused of shootings in Concord Twp. on Monday. Homeland Security gave Fox 8 the following statement on Wednesday: DHS is closely monitoring this case and coordinating with local authorities. Following the completion of his criminal proceedings and any sentence imposed by the […]

  • Dash cam video reveals new details in police chase that ends in deadly crash

    STREETSBORO, Ohio– New developments in a police pursuit that ended in a deadly crash. Newly-released dash cam video shows Aurora police arriving at the scene shortly after the collision between the SUV and a truck on Tuesday. Nadia Campbell, 26, of Cleveland was killed in the crash on SR 43 in Streetsboro. The driver, Frank Tindell, 34, also of Cleveland, was pulled from the crash and rushed to Akron City Hospital. Investigators said the fatal incident began when Aurora police […]

  • Woman says praying behind the wheel caused crash that injured grandmother

    BELLEVUE, Ohio– A woman says praying behind the wheel caused a crash that injured a woman who was trying to get her grandchildren out of her car. It happened in Bellevue, Ohio, in August 2014. The victim, Pamela Beckham, 50, suffered a broken neck and numerous other injuries. Bellevue police initially believed that the driver, Marilyn Perry, 62, was on her cell phone at the time of the accident, or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But, the […]

  • ‘He could have died’: 6 boys taken to hospital after using type of synthetic marijuana

    CLEVELAND– Police say six boys, between the ages of 11-15, were rushed to local hospitals Sunday night after experiencing the effects of a type of synthetic marijuana. Renee Thompson was the first to spot the boys at W. 117th St. and Headley Ave. She asked her daughter to call 911 while she tried to help one of the boys who appeared to be unconscious. “He came back and he was talking like he was alright. Then he started crawling around […]

  • Caregiver accused of stealing money from woman with multiple sclerosis

    A local family is accusing a caregiver of taking money from a trust fund that was set up for a loved one suffering from multiple sclerosis. Noel Zugay was the mother of two sons. Shortly after they were born, she began to show the effects of multiple sclerosis. Over the years, her health spiraled downward. When her family sought the help of a home health aide, they settled on a woman named Teri Tvergyak Sidoti. In 2005, Noel and her […]