Jack has been a general assignment reporter at Fox 8 since 1995.

In 2009, Jack Shea received an Emmy Award for Fox 8’s live coverage of the Cuyahoga County Government corruption raids.

Among other honors he has received, first place in the country from the National Headliners Awards, for leading Fox 8’s coverage of the Huron County
“Kids in Cages” Story.

Jack has received a number of other awards during his career, including two WICI Crystal Awards for his coverage of the impact of NAFTA in Mexico and the U.S., and a series on illegal political fundraisers.

Jack is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He attended the University of Toledo, where he was President and Prudential of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Jack recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by making a pilgrimage to County Kerry Ireland, the homeland of his grandfather before he immigrated to America.

Jack and his family live in Avon Lake.

Recent Articles
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    ‘I thought it was an explosion’: Woman’s worry becomes reality when tree falls on cars, home

    CLEVELAND–A Cleveland woman is counting her blessings after avoiding a tree that fell on top of cars parked in her driveway and hit her house. FOX 8’s Jack Shea reports, the woman says for years she warned the City of Cleveland that the tree would fall, but she says no one listened. Watch Jack’s report in the video above.

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    High school player who suffered stroke says he doesn’t plan to stop playing football

    WEST SALEM – Tyler Carlson remembers waking up and being shocked to hear what had happened to him. “I was like ‘a stroke? It’s like, I’m too young for a stroke; that doesn’t make any sense,'” he said. “It’s like 60-year-olds get strokes, not me.” The 14-year-old, who is a freshman at Northwestern High School in Wayne County, starts as linebacker on the varsity football team. Tyler suffered a stroke following a violent collision on the football field last Friday. He was taken […]

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    Community joins together, prays for high school football player who suffered stroke

    WEST SALEM, Ohio– The community is rallying around a high school football player who suffered a stroke following a violent collision on the football field last Friday. Tyler Carlson, 14, is a freshman at Northwestern High School in Wayne County. He starts at linebacker on the varsity football team. He has displayed toughness and strength beyond his years. “One, a tremendous athlete, I’ve been around high school football players for a long time and he in a lot of ways is […]

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    Video: Thief smashes truck into store; steals phones, computers and cameras

    AKRON, Ohio– Caught on camera, a thief uses a pick-up truck to smash his way into a wireless store, taking off with thousands of dollars worth of phones, computers and cameras. Watch Jack Shea’s report above for the dramatic surveillance video and the story behind it.

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    Exclusive video: Cleveland residents confront man they say was stealing from neighbor’s home

    CLEVELAND– A FOX 8 exclusive: Residents in a Cleveland neighborhood begin videotaping, as they confront a man they say was breaking into a neighbor’s home in broad daylight. Jack Shea reports this story is about Clevelanders looking out for their neighbors and working together to fight crime. Watch his video above.

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    88-year-old man in jail for not cleaning up property: ‘He can’t throw anything away’

      PARMA, Ohio– Family and friends of an elderly man say they are outraged that he is sitting in jail after being cited by the City of Parma for failing to bring his property “up to code.” Jack Shea reports that the City of Parma says the home of Rudolph “Rudy” Klicek is a mess that needs to be cleaned up, but his friends say he has a serious problem. Watch Jack’s report above for more.

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    Teen who received graphic messages from Conneaut officer speaks out

    CONNEAUT, Ohio- A teen girl turns to the FOX 8 I-Team after the veteran police officer who sent her graphic text messages received what she called “a slap on the wrist.” Angela Slapnicker was a junior at Conneaut High School in May when she began receiving Facebook and text messages from Officer Denny Moore. For more details on the story, watch Jack Shea’s report above.

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    Fairport Harbor mural unfinished after thief swipes equipment

    FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio- Work on a mural to welcome visitors to Fairport Harbor came to a halt after a thief stole equipment being used on the project. In an effort to spruce up the area, the village commissioned a colorful welcome sign. “It’s a beach town, it ought to look like a beach town, we ought to add color to it. So we were working with a lot of the business owners to add color to their storefronts,” economic development […]

  • Family forced to move as authorities learn more about abandoned coal mine

    STARK COUNTY – A family had concerns about their home when cracks started to appear, but learned it was much worse than expected. Crews are now drilling to learn more about an abandoned coal mine that is believed to be damaging several homes nearby. One family had to quickly move out of their home Monday when notified about how serious the situation really was. The homeowner said he would like to return to his house after repairs are made, but he […]

  • I-Team: Man tased at the 9 in Cleveland, security guard could face charges

    CLEVELAND – When security guards at The 9 approached Colton Brightbill, they claimed he was trespassing after being asked to leave. They claimed he was incoherent and resisted them when they tried to ask him to leave. “There was no reason for him to touch me, I had nothing, I was doing nothing wrong at that time. There was no reason for him to put his hands on me in the first place, and at that point, I reacted, and […]

  • Family takes fight to Facebook, pushes to keep teen’s killer in prison

    LAKE COUNTY, Ohio– A notorious 1985 crime is back in the headlines. A Lake County girl was dismembered and then buried in a strawberry patch. Now, her family is fighting to keep her killer in prison. Watch the report from FOX 8’s Jack Shea in the video above. CLICK HERE for the ‘No Parole for Scott Grant’ Facebook page.

  • Cleveland’s canine SWAT team member gets bulletproof vest

    CLEVELAND – He is the secret weapon of the Cleveland police’s SWAT team. His fellow officers say that he is fearless and that he has a nose for trouble. That’s why he is the team member they always send in first. And now he has an added layer of protection when he leads the team in. Fox 8’s Jack Shea reports that Goro, the canine member of the team, now has his very own, custom-made bulletproof vest.