Gabe joined the Fox 8 family September 2012.

You can see him weekdays on FOX 8 News at noon and 4 p.m.

Raised in Akron, and a proud graduate of North High School, Gabe is so glad to be home in Northeast Ohio.

He started in the news business in the early ‘80s as a paperboy for the Akron Beacon Journal. He delivered papers in Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls and Akron for many years. “It’s been a dream of mine to work for FOX 8. FOX 8 is the reason I went in the news business! It’s the most powerful news vehicle in the state.”
After graduating from

Anderson University (Indiana), Gabe went on to work in TV markets like Toledo, Omaha and Columbus. He’s a lifelong Browns, Buckeyes, Indians and Cavs fan.

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    CLEVELAND- More than a month after leaving FOX 8, news anchor Gabe Spiegel is making a return. Gabe announced the news just a short time ago: I have some great news, I’m coming back to my family at Fox 8. I was able to make some adjustments in my personal life that will allow me to spend more time in Cleveland with my children.   I’m so thankful to Fox 8 for working with me and allowing me to return to the […]

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    CLEVELAND – School is just starting for Ava Ford, 7, and Leah Lawrence, 5, and they are already taking a test. Both girls are taking a food challenge. Dr. Leigh Ann Kerns is a pediatric allergist at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital who oversees the food challenge. “We do a food challenge when we think that a child is not allergic to a food or when a child may be outgrowing a food allergy. So, we determine that a child […]

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  • Presidential hopeful Gov. Kasich kicks off opening of Ohio State Fair

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s one of the biggest fairs in the country: the Ohio State Fair. And Gov. John Kasich kicked off the event as he ramps up his race to the White House. Our Gabe Spiegel is the only local TV reporter to talk with him at the event, and asked if he thought he had an edge at the GOP debate that will be held in Cleveland next week. “Honestly, I believe the work we’re doing on the […]

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    CLEVELAND– The republicans have dominated headlines since announcing the National Convention and first national debate will be held in Cleveland. We wanted to know what local democrats have planned for the debate night next Thursday. They’re planning a watch party. It will be held at: Market Garden Brewery (lower level) 1947  W. 25th St. Cleveland, OH 44113 8:30p-11p Meanwhile, tickets to the GOP debate are sold out. *Read more on the debate here*

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    We are getting close to the first big national political debate in the Race for the White House. Republican candidates will square off in Cleveland on Aug. 6. We wanted to know what questions you’re asking about both parties– and some may surprise you. Watch Gabe Spiegel’s report above for more and check out our web extras below for more on what people from Northeast Ohio and around the country are really curious about, all courtesy of Google Trends.   […]

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    CLEVELAND– The first Republican presidential debate will be in Cleveland on Aug. 6 at Quicken Loans Arena with the top 10 candidates up for nomination. FOX News Channel is teaming up with Facebook for the debate. Our Gabe Spiegel spoke with FOX News anchor Bret Baier, who explained what it means to have both the debate and the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Bret will moderate the debate, along with FOX News’ Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. *Watch Gabe’s interview […]