Enrique Correa joined the Fox 8 News team in July of 2012.
Before coming to Cleveland, he worked at News 12 Westchester which is located outside of New York City.

Enrique has been a reporter for more than 12 years and reported for BET Nightly News and Fox 5 News.

Enrique was born and raised in the Bronx New York, but both of his parents were born in Puerto Rico. Enrique attended Cardinal Hayes High School then went on to study at Syracuse University and majored in History.
Enrique always had a love for the news and at an early age he used to watch his uncle, a news photographer, go to work everyday. He loves all kinds of news and has covered some historic events.
He was working in New York City and witnessed the towers fall on 9/11.
In his free time Enrique loves to play & watch all sports especially basketball & football.
He likes to run on the treadmill and lifts weights a few times a week to stay in shape. He hopes to one day run the Cleveland marathon.
He is looking forward to the Browns bringing home the Superbowl trophy one day!

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  • 100 Veterans Honored for Their Service

    ELYRIA, OH — Lorain County veterans were treated to a special ceremony Wednesday, thanking them for their courageous service to our country. More than a hundred brave veterans gathered at the Spitzer Conference Center on the campus of Lorain County Community College in Elyria. The college and Hospice of the Western Reserve partnered up for a special veterans appreciation ceremony. One by one, the names of Lorain County veterans were called so they could receive a special pin. Some veterans […]

  • Food Fears: Cuts to Food Stamp Program Coming Friday

    This Friday, Nov. 1, the food stamp program will be taking a $5 billion cut, affecting thousands of people in Northeast Ohio. “I’m worried that some of the agencies will run out of food and have to turn people away,” said Mary O’Shea, the director of advocacy for the Cleveland Foodbank. O’Shea said she believes after SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) makes the major cuts over the coming year it will affect the 1.8 million Ohioans who depend on it. […]

  • ‘Marriage Equality’ Banner Stolen from Church

    ROCKY RIVER, OH — A Rocky River church banner promoting same sex marriage is missing. Now, church leaders and local residents want answers and their banner returned. “I pulled into the church parking lot and I noticed something was wrong; something was missing,” said Rev. Kathleen Rolenz. What was missing was a banner that read, “Marriage Equality Now.” Rolenz and her husband are the co-ministers at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church on Hilliard Boulevard. She says stealing the banner […]

  • ‘Empowerment Park’ Opens to Visually-Impaired Students

    CLEVELAND–A renovated playground opened up Thursday for the visually-impaired in Cleveland. The unique playground will help empower the young students at the Cleveland Sight Center. “We are very, very pleased to welcome you here today to this beautiful, beautiful empowerment park,” said Sylvia Snyder of the Cleveland Sight Center. The park includes a climbing igloo, a circular area which will be used as a small outdoor classroom, and you can’t miss the massive playset. “Gives them an opportunity to stretch, […]

  • Cow Comfort: Animals Offer Special Therapy

    GENEVA, Ohio– You’ve probably heard of therapy dogs, but what about therapy cows? They exist! They provide special comfort to people at the Rae-Ann Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Geneva. Watch the video above for more.

  • Couple Arrested After Poisonous Snakes Taken From Home

    A couple was arrested, accused of selling snakes– some of them poisonous– out of their apartment in Struthers, according to officials. “And that cobra, there’s another cobra, a rattlesnake; I think a corral snake,” said Dave Nelson, Mahoning County Dog Warden. More than 100 snakes and lizards were confiscated from the house on 5th street in Struthers, Friday evening. Joseph McCollum, 46, and Michelle Barrett, 45, were arrested for violating city and state laws that pertain to the possession and […]

  • Police Streaming Video to Help Fight Crime

    BEACHWOOD, OH — The Beachwood Police Department is one of the first in Ohio to use “real time” video from their dash cams. Now, the department wants to make their video system even better and faster to keep residents safer. For years, Beachwood police have been streaming live police video right into their dispatch center. It gives officers at the station the opportunity to assess a situation. “It enables our supervisor to be in multiple places at the same time. […]

  • Fighting Crime: Melting Away Hundreds of Firearms

    CLEVELAND–The City of Cleveland made sure hundreds of guns that were taken off the streets will never be able to harm anyone. The firearms were melted down and recycled into steel as part of the city’s unique program in fighting crime. 352 firearms were taken off the streets thanks to the city’s buyback program. Wednesday, the city and ArcelorMittal steel melted down the weapons to help prevent crime. “It’s just one of the tools that we have to help us […]

  • Battle Brewing Over Proposed McDonald’s

    OHIO CITY–There is a battle cooking in Ohio City over McDonald’s trying to plant its golden arches in the historic neighborhood. McDonald’s wants to turn a closed-down Hollywood Video on Lorain and Fulton in Ohio City into one of their fast food restaurants; but some people say the golden arches are not welcome there. “I don’t think it fits in with the local atmosphere that Ohio City is going for,” said Bridget McCafferty of Cleveland. Signs have been put up […]

  • Haunted House: Pirate Ship ‘Lands’ at Local Home

    LORAIN, Ohio–It’s holiday decorating to another level. The Rodriguez family transformed their home into a spooky pirate shipwreck. If you are driving down Tacoma Avenue you can’t miss it: a haunted pirate ship crashing through a two-story house. “The pirates of the Caribbean are now in Lorain,” said Dena Jacobs of Lorain, who came to see the home. “I like the detail. It looks real. It looks like it’s coming through the house. It looks like it’s breaking the house […]

  • Government Shutdown Could Affect Flu Season

    CLEVELAND–The government shutdown is affecting many things including the Centers for Disease Control. The agency is only partially operating right at the start of flu season. Health care workers who would normally monitor the flu across the nation, are not. Doctors are now concerned that the government shutdown could cause next year’s bug to be bad, since no one is currently tracking the virus. “Tracking the flu is very important, because the bug itself, is very smart. It changes. It […]

  • Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel Makes Debut

    LORDSTOWN, OH — Chevy dealers from across Ohio met at the Lordstown GM plant Thursday to get behind the wheel of their new Cruze. The sound of the 2014 Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel starting up is quite unique. “It’s a really nice driving vehicle, really excited about this new product,” said Elizabeth Haynes of Cleveland. “Introducing the Clean Diesel has been something that’s been a long time coming. It’s very popular in Europe and now making an appearance here.” […]