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  • New video shows off-duty Cleveland officer arrested twice in one night

    CLEVELAND– New video shows more of what happened the night an off-duty Cleveland police officer was arrested twice in one night. The Ohio State Highway Patrol first stopped Eric Williams for having a gun and driving drunk. Troopers released him to a woman with him. Two and a half hours after the first stop, Middleburg Heights police stopped Williams for speeding. Police also said he had no right to get back behind the wheel after the first stop. Highway patrol […]

  • I TEAM: 28,000 security alarms, 11 arrests

    CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating what’s not happening when Cleveland Police get notified of security alarms. We found so far this year in Cleveland, police records show 15, 471 alarm calls to homes and 7 resulted in arrests. Plus 13, 420 alarm calls to businesses that resulted in 4 arrests. You should know, with home and business alarms, the overwhelming majority of the calls are not emergencies. In most cases, they are false alarms, or they […]

  • I TEAM: Where were the salt trucks as crashes piled up?

    CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating a question that drivers, police officers, even dispatchers wondered the other night as roads froze and the number of accidents kept rising. Where were the salt trucks? Along a stretch of West 150th, 14 cars crashed in multiple accidents. Police found the roads so slippery, even walking on them was tricky. And on police radio you could hear the frustration waiting for city salt trucks. A dispatcher could be heard saying, […]

  • Steve Loomis voted out as Cleveland police union president

    CLEVELAND- Cleveland police officers have voted out outspoken union president Steve Loomis. Det. Jeff Follmer confirmed to the I-Team that he won the election. Follmer received 387 votes compared to Loomis’ 349 votes.  Follmer said he won by 50 votes and noted turnout was low. He said he is honored to represent the officers.  “I am looking forward to bringing strength and  unity to the members,” Follmer said. Follmer formerly served as union president. Loomis released the following statement, ” […]

  • Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages

    AURORA, Ohio — A homeowner’s security camera caught an outrageous delivery from a US Mail truck, and that has sparked a FOX 8 I-Team investigation. The video shows a mail carrier just carelessly throwing packages out of the truck onto the resident’s driveway. It happened Saturday in Aurora. Was the mail carrier just being lazy? Avoiding going out in the rain? Thinking no one was watching? Kevin Moore has cameras outside his house. He took a look back at the […]

  • Two men face new charges in murders of husband and wife at Cleveland car dealership

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – The FOX 8 I-Team has learned a grand jury has indicted two men arrested last week for their roles in the robbery and murders of a husband and wife running a used car dealership in Cleveland. Cuyahoga County prosecutors have filed more than 20 new charges against Andrew Keener and Jerome Diggs. Months ago, Cleveland Police arrested Joseph McAlpin;  he is facing the death penalty. Trina Tomola, 46, and Michael Kuznik, 50, were found dead at their dealership on […]

  • I-Team: Why are deadbeat parents not getting punished for failing to pay child support?

    CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio-The FOX 8 I-Team has found deadbeat parents not getting hauled into criminal court and punished for not paying child support. So we’re investigating why and getting action. The I-Team found a stunning drop in Cuyahoga County with the number of dads and moms facing charges for not paying child support. The number has dropped by two-thirds. In Cuyahoga County, tens of thousands of parents get behind on paying, but so far this year only 67 cases have […]

  • Mother of man who was murdered becomes victim in store hold-up

    RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio-The FOX 8 I-Team has found new terror from gun violence for the mother of a man killed in one of the area’s most mysterious unsolved murders. This week, the mother of Stephen Halton Jr. found herself caught in the middle of an armed robbery as she was at the counter of a corner store. That hold-up happened at a convenience store in Richmond Heights. It made this mother fear for her life, and it took her back […]

  • Man at center of violent arrest in Euclid speaks out after charges were dismissed

    ​ The man at the center of a violent arrest by Euclid police caught on video spoke out Thursday, after the I-Team learned that charges against him were dismissed. “I did everything that officer told me to do. You can’t tell me I ain’t do everything that officer told me to do. I did everything. He told me to get out of the car. I faced away; he attacked me. The whole time, he was aggressive,” said Richard Hubbard III. Attorney Christopher McNeal, […]

  • Charges against man at center of violent arrest in Euclid have been dismissed

    EUCLID, Ohio — The FOX 8 I-Team has learned charges against a man at the center of a violent arrest by Euclid police caught on video have been dismissed. Attorney Christopher McNeal, who represents Richard Hubbard III, said Wednesday, the charges against his client were dismissed. Hubbard faced charges of resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license. Charges against a woman who was with Hubbard at the time of his arrest have also been dismissed, according to McNeal. Officer […]

  • I-Team: Will you get stuck with $3-million bill for bridge repairs?

    CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating whether taxpayers like you will end up paying millions because a truck destroyed a bridge over one of the area’s busiest highways. Why hasn’t that trucking company paid? A FOX 8 viewer turned to the I-Team about a pedestrian bridge over I-90 near East 185th. In 2013, a truck with its trailer raised plowed into the bridge. The Ohio Department of Transportation recently rebuilt it. We found the state spent more than $3 million […]

  • I TEAM: Cleveland mass-murder confession on tape

    CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained the videotaped interrogation of the man sent to prison after killing 5 people and shooting and wounding a 9-year-old girl. The video shows what it took to convict James Sparks-Henderson. The killings happened at a home on East 92nd in 2014, and this year, Sparks-Henderson went to prison on 5 life sentences with no chance of parole. Cleveland homicide investigator Ray Diaz asked Sparks-Henderson, “Were you there?” He answered, “No, I […]