Police trying to ID unresponsive boy found walking with no shoes on I-71 ramp

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  • Cleveland drivers have even less chance of getting traffic ticket: I-Team

    Cleveland drivers, the FOX 8 I TEAM has found your chances of getting hauled into court for a traffic ticket have gone down yet again. Halfway through the year, we’ve uncovered another dramatic drop in Cleveland Police writing traffic tickets, and that continues a trend we’ve seen for years. So far in 2017, the number of traffic tickets in Cleveland has fallen 11 percent. While that alone may not seem especially dramatic, consider the trend. The number of tickets filed […]

  • I-Team finds candidate running for local office is convicted sex offender

    CLEVELAND–The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a convicted sex offender running for Cleveland City Council. Edward Hudson-Bey is gathering names on petitions to get on the ballot to represent Ward 10 on the city’s northeast side. So we went to see him. We asked why anyone should vote for him as a sex offender with other criminal convictions. He responded, “Your past is your past. It’s where you are today and what you’re looking for tomorrow.” But when we […]

  • East Cleveland police take week to respond after shot hits woman’s house

    EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio– The FOX 8 I -Team is investigating what happened when a woman called 911 after discovering a bullet had come into her living room, but police didn’t show up for a week. Officers took a report and went to the scene to take pictures after the woman made a trip to police headquarters with FOX 8. The incident happened in East Cleveland. Eloise Finklea said she heard gunshots outside her home on Mother’s Day evening. The next day, […]

  • Cavs taking ‘additional measures’ at Game 4 in light of Manchester bombing

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — There will be increased security tonight at the Cleveland Cavaliers game in light of the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. “We are taking some additional appropriate measures,” said Phyllis Salem, Cavs spokesperson. The I TEAM has learned police are adding more eyes in the crowd with undercover officers. And, police are focusing more than before on security even after the game. Police already had regular playoff game security plans. Those included helicopters, bomb […]

  • I TEAM: Congressman exploring new law after Facebook killing

    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – For the first time, a federal lawmaker is speaking out about the Cleveland murder posted on Facebook and saying he is exploring a new law to restrict violence on social media sites. Congressman Tim Ryan represents people from Akron to Youngstown. The Facebook killing horrified him just as it did so many other people nationwide. Last month, a man drove up to Robert Godwin, Sr. randomly, shot him to death, then posted the video on Facebook. Ryan […]

  • I-Team investigates 10-minute delay on 911

    The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a woman called Cleveland 911, but she had to wait ten minutes just for the chance to explain her medical problem. It happened earlier this month, and the city just released the recording to the I TEAM. In recent months, we’ve reported many times on Cleveland dispatch delays as well as delays sending ambulances to calls. But this case, an extreme. On the recording, a woman calls 911 for an ambulance, and a […]

  • I-Team looks into deadly Lake Erie plane crash search delay

    CLEVELAND– The FOX 8 I TEAM has found confusion and a stunning delay in getting a search started after a plane crashed into Lake Erie. This comes to light on air traffic control tapes just released this week to the I TEAM. The plane crashed last December just after takeoff from Burke Lakefront Airport. Six people died. On the tower tapes, the first talk about a search came 8 minutes after the last contact with the plane. A controller from […]

  • Final moments of pilot in Lake Erie plane crash revealed: I-Team

    CLEVELAND-After months of digging, the FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained audio recordings never heard before shedding new light on a plane crash into Lake Erie that left 6 people dead. These tapes captured the final words of the pilot as he spoke to the tower at takeoff. The crash happened in December just after the plane took off from Burke-Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. Earlier, the Federal Aviation Administration released recordings between the Burke Airport control tower and the tower at […]

  • Cleveland leaders announce new “enforcement strategy” to crackdown on dirt bike riders

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — After weeks of avoiding questions from the FOX 8 I-TEAM, Cleveland city leaders today announced what they’re doing about the problem of packs of dirt bike riders taking over the streets. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams announced a new “enforcement strategy” though he wouldn’t get into specifics. Meantime, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson announced the city is drawing up new legislation to take to city council imposing tougher penalties on the bikes on the street. Cleveland police officers have […]

  • I TEAM: security secrets from Republican National Convention

    CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM has uncovered a new look at what you got for millions of your tax dollars as Cleveland prepared to protect your streets last summer for the Republican National Convention, and our investigation has found crimefighting tools not revealed before. Last year. the I TEAM filed a special request for the full breakdown of the costs for security covered by federal grant money. We’ve now received records from Cleveland City Hall showing total grant […]

  • Crews searching for man at Lakeside Yacht Club: Law enforcement source

    CLEVELAND — A law enforcement source on Sunday told the Fox 8 I-Team that crews are searching for a 57-year-old man at Lakeside Yacht Club. According to the source, the man was last seen leaving the yacht club bar at around 1 a.m. Sunday, but never made it back to his boat. His car, however, is parked in the lot. Three boats and several Cleveland police cars are assisting with the search. Further details, including the man’s name, were not immediately […]

  • I-Team investigates what happened to Cleveland’s plan on dirt bike crackdown

    CLEVELAND — The FOX 8 I TEAM has found Cleveland city leaders avoiding new questions about packs of dirt bikes taking over your streets. A month ago, the I TEAM revealed Cleveland Police were looking at a new policy or some new way of doing something about the bikes. Two weeks ago, the police chief and the safety director both refused to answer questions from the I TEAM. And then Friday, other city leaders either avoided our questions or knew […]