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Bill Sheil is an anchor for FOX 8 and a member of its award-winning I-Team.

An attorney, Bill is the recipient of the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton - broadcast journalism's equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize.

Bill's stories are known for their impact and their depth. Some examples include:

1. A series that helped expose pedophile priests in the Cleveland area, and the pain they had caused over decades.
2. Reports on a terrorist who was the initial connection that brought Osama bin Laden's organization to the United States. He was ultimately deported.
3. A series on the foreclosure crisis in Cleveland where Bill was asked to testify before Congress about his findings. The series was credited with helping Ohio receive an extra $172 million in foreclosure relief funds to help people stay in their homes.
4. Two series of reports over three years on the deepening heroin crisis - one that foretold how the problem would worsen, and one that helped search for answers to an epidemic that now kills more people in Ohio than car accidents.
5. The first story, nine months before an FBI raid, on the possibility of massive corruption inside county government in Cleveland. Federal prosecutors ultimately charged more than fifty people.

In addition to the duPont, Bill has won six National Headliner Awards, two national Public Service Awards from NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists), and the RTDNA's (Radio Television Digital News Association) Unity Award, as well as many regional Emmys.

Bill is a former regional "Big Brother" of the year, as awarded by Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

He is a member of the Cleveland Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Recent Articles
  • blue2

    Sea of Youth police rally stands out for 13-year-old organizer

    MEDINA – This is National Law Enforcement Week, so it is not unusual to see events that pay tribute to police officers. What’s unusual is to have a major event organized in large part by a 13-year-old. But that’s what happened in Medina on Saturday as a large crowd turned out in support of the ‘Sea of Youth‘ rally. “I went to a ‘Sea of Blue’ rally in Cleveland,” says 13-year-old Trevor Satterwaite, “and I noticed there weren’t many kids […]

  • Colorado’s legalization of pot leads to explosion in some tourism

    DENVER, Colorado– The scream is easy to hear. “Fire in the hole!” And with that, Denver area authorities set off controlled explosions designed to help them learn how to battle a certain type of fire that’s been on the rise in Colorado since the state legalized marijuana. They are called “hash oil” explosions, and they occur when people try to illegally extract THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and turn it into a liquid. The THC in one plant can […]

  • Marijuana debate exclusive: What would you be voting on?

    COLUMBUS – If their proposal gets on the November ballot, and is approved by voters, ten people or investment groups will basically own the exclusive right to grow marijuana for legal sale in Ohio. As their campaign, under the one-word name “ResponsibleOhio”, has gained traction, the people behind those investments (roughly $2 million apiece) have largely stayed behind-the-scenes, until now. In an exclusive interview with FOX 8, Woody Taft said the proposal comes with a lot of risk to investors […]

  • I-Team: New equipment will make testing Lake Erie’s water quality easier

    CLEVELAND – The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has significantly improved the ability of officials to test the quality of Lake Erie’s water. The move should allow northern Ohio to know sooner – and with more certainty – if the lake’s water is ever contaminated. The district made the purchase of a “mass spectrometer” in the wake of last summer’s water crisis in Toledo – and after the FOX 8 I-Team started asking questions last year about the quality of […]

  • I-Team: Council members voice concerns about admissions tax

    CLEVELAND – City Council members say they want to make sure Cleveland is receiving all the money it should from admissions tax at the three major-league sports venues. “There are financial questions from some of the sports teams in terms of what the seat premiums and the seat revenue the city should be getting,” says Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummins. “That’s been something of a controversial issue that’s not always been settled,” he added. The councilman’s remarks came at a […]

  • Estus Newberry

    Remembering Cleveland legend, Dr. Estus Newberry

    CLEVELAND – Dr. Estus Newberry was linked to a glorious past in Cleveland and used it to help shape the lives of thousands of the city’s students and athletes as a dedicated teacher and coach. Newberry passed away on March 28 and will be laid to rest on Saturday. As a young man, he was a track star at East Tech – following in the legendary footsteps of Olympic champions Jesse Owens and Harrison Dillard. He qualified for the 1956 […]

  • Man convicted of murdering a woman in 1984 will remain in jail as he awaits new trial

    CLEVELAND – Convicted killer Anthony Apanovitch will stay behind bars while an appeals court reviews a judge’s decision to grant him a new trial. Apanovitch was convicted in 1985 for the brutal rape and murder of 33-year-old Mary Anne Flynn, a nurse who had hired him to paint her Cleveland house. Recently, Judge Robert McClelland ruled that DNA evidence entitled Apanovitch to a new trial. Prosecutors vigorously objected, and say the DNA actually shows there’s just a 1 in 285 […]

  • Jobs saved as Hugo Boss plant is sold to an American buyer

    BROOKLYN – The Hugo Boss plant, on the verge of closing twice in the past five years, has now been sold to an American buyer who says their vision is for the long-haul. “It’s a great feeling” says Sheila McVay, a 33-year veteran of the plant, “because we have a job.” In December, Hugo Boss announced it would close the plant, costing about 180 people their jobs.” “We were scared to death,” says U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. Brown’s office began […]

  • taxes

    I-Team: A taxing question: The Browns and Cleveland differ on taxing premium seats

    CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I-Team learned the city of Cleveland differs with the Cleveland Browns over how much admissions tax the team should pay on club seats and loges at FirstEnergy Stadium. Despite the difference, the city has signed an agreement with the Browns that might resolve the issue in the future But, according to that agreement, a resolution would be applied “prospectively” – which appears to insure that the team may never have to pay any back taxes. […]

  • public square pic

    Public Square renovations to begin on Monday

    CLEVELAND – As the last piece of financing fell into place on a $32 million project to renovate Public Square, leaders cautioned patience as construction begins on Monday to transform the look of the heart of Cleveland. “It will help us reach our vision of having a 24 hour a city,” says Mayor Frank Jackson. The ambitious plan aims to transform Public Square into a vibrant, park-like setting. It was about $7.5 million short in financing, until Cuyahoga County was […]

  • Cavs reportedly want taxpayers to split $140m in Q renovations with the team

    CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County voters who approved a sin tax extension last May for renovations to major league sports facilities may have thought they wouldn’t be asked for money again any time soon. They may have to think again. The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly want $140 million in upgrades to the exterior of the Q – and they may want taxpayers to kick in half that. Cuyahoga County would only say that it is “aware of a proposal” from the Cavs, […]

  • Trayvon Martin’s mother visits Cleveland, calls for change between police and communities

    CLEVELAND – The mother of a Florida teen, whose death sparked a national debate, said here in Cleveland that more needs to be done to improve relations between police departments and the communities they serve. Sybrina Fulton spoke at the Cleveland Public Library. Back in 2012, her family was tragically thrust into the spotlight when her son, 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed in Florida by a neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. Zimmerman acknowledged shooting Martin, but said […]