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Bill Sheil is an anchor for FOX 8 and a member of its award-winning I-Team.

An attorney, Bill is the recipient of the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton – broadcast journalism’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize.

Bill’s stories are known for their impact and their depth. Some examples include:

1. A series that helped expose pedophile priests in the Cleveland area, and the pain they had caused over decades.
2. Reports on a terrorist who was the initial connection that brought Osama bin Laden’s organization to the United States. He was ultimately deported.
3. A series on the foreclosure crisis in Cleveland where Bill was asked to testify before Congress about his findings. The series was credited with helping Ohio receive an extra $172 million in foreclosure relief funds to help people stay in their homes.
4. Two series of reports over three years on the deepening heroin crisis – one that foretold how the problem would worsen, and one that helped search for answers to an epidemic that now kills more people in Ohio than car accidents.
5. The first story, nine months before an FBI raid, on the possibility of massive corruption inside county government in Cleveland. Federal prosecutors ultimately charged more than fifty people.

In addition to the duPont, Bill has won six National Headliner Awards, two national Public Service Awards from NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists), and the RTDNA’s (Radio Television Digital News Association) Unity Award, as well as many regional Emmys.

Bill is a former regional “Big Brother” of the year, as awarded by Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

He is a member of the Cleveland Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

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    Amendment to legalize marijuana in Ohio goes to a vote on Tuesday

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    CLEVELAND– The video was both chilling, and all too real. Around Labor Day weekend of 2014, Cleveland authorities released a grainy surveillance video showing the beginning of a rape on Lake Road on the city’s west side. With three armed attacks over just a few days – two rapes and the robbery of two more women – police were starting to believe that a serial rapist was on the loose. Hoping to catch a break before the attacker struck again, […]

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    Old technology may have kept Cleveland Heights officers from seeing health issues of woman who died in jail

    CLEVELAND HEIGHTS – City officials say two reports indicate that older technology in its jail video monitoring system may have left officers unable to see the health problems experienced by an inmate who died in her cell. In July, 37 year-old Ralinka Jones was arrested for assaulting her ex-husband. She told Cleveland Heights police, “I don’t want to die in your cell.” Jones was found dead about 15 hours later. She told officers that she was being treated for several […]

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    No on Issue 3: Cleveland’s 3 major hospital systems join forces

    CLEVELAND– The city’s three major hospital systems joined forces today in opposing Issue 3 – the ballot initiative that seeks to have voters legalize marijuana in Ohio. The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and MetroHealth say they are joining a broad coalition of medical professionals in opposing the measure. If approved, Issue 3 would legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use in Ohio. It would limit the commercial growing of marijuana to ten pre-designated sites across the state. The sites are, in essence, […]