Man accused of killing wife, blames cough medicine during 911 call

RALEIGH, North Carolina- A 28-year-old man is behind bars after calling 911 claiming he woke up from a dream and found his wife stabbed to death in their bedroom.

Raleigh Police  charged Matthew Phelps with murder Friday.

According to WRAL, Phelps said during the 911 call, “I find I have blood all over me and there’s a bloody knife on the bed and I think I did it.”Phelps said he took more cold medicine then he should have and woke up with blood all over him and a knife on the bed he shared with his wife.

Phelps told the dispatcher he took the cough syrup, “Because I know it can make you feel good and a lot of the time I can’t sleep at night so I took some.”

He said he was unaware of what happened next.

Phelps is scheduled to make his first court appearance later today.

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