I-Team: Akron police chief resigned after using racial slur

AKRON, Ohio — The former Akron police chief was forced to resign in part because of his use of a racial slur in a private conversation, the Fox 8 I-Team has confirmed.

Akron officials had previously announced that former Chief James Nice was accused of potential misconduct involving an investigation into his nephew, having a sexual relationship with a member of the police force and making “derogatory remarks.” He resigned Sunday.

The I-Team reports that the ex-chief used a slur against African-Americans.

The Associated Press reports that Nice’s attorney would not confirm a slur was used.

“I’m not certain if he used those words or not,” the lawyer said. “If he did, he certainly regrets it.”

A special prosecutor from neighboring Cuyahoga County has taken over the investigation involving Nice and his nephew.

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