Homeowner finds bullet hole in window after Frecks Lounge shootout

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CLEVELAND--Shots rang out at a night club on Cleveland's east side, killing one person and wounding several others early Saturday morning.

Cleveland police also said the gunfight also spilled into neighborhood streets, and resident Ryan Weeks understands firsthand what authorities meant by that.

Saturday, there is a bullet hole in the homeowner's front window.

"My little sister was supposed to be visiting today, but she was running behind so she's not here year, but she was supposed to be in the same room," Weeks said.

Thankfully, Weeks’ pregnant wife was not at home when the shootings happened around 1:30 AM near Frecks Lounge on Superior Avenue.

At the time, he didn't even realize the violence was spilling into the neighborhood.

"I heard it. I heard a noise but I have cats, so I assumed that the cat knocked something over or something," he said.

It wasn’t until after he woke up that he noticed something was off.

"Went out, went up to do my cleaning and I was like, there was some stuff on the wall. It looked like a worm, but it went through the curtain. The bullet went through the window and pieces of the curtain stuck on the wall," he explained.

Cleveland police came to Weeks' home on East 111th to make a report about the damage.
It comes around the same time they said a 45-year-old man was shot and killed.

Four others were injured, but are expected to survive.

"Every day is a different shooting, people just don't got respect no more, they don't care about life," Weeks said.

Cleveland police have not made any arrests in this case, but did have several vehicles towed Saturday morning after the violence.

Authorities believe there were several shooters and several different weapons used in the incident.