Cincinnati Zoo welcomes three baby lemurs in three days

(Photo via: Cincinnati Zoo)

CINCINNATI– After 30 years without a ring-tailed lemur birth, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens welcomed three new pups in three days.

Five-year-old Izze gave birth on Friday. Then on Sunday, 3-year-old Willow had twins.

Both lemurs are first-time moms and arrived at the Cincinnati Zoo as part of the the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan. The new additions doubled the zoo’s ring-tailed lemur population.

“I was excited to hear about the newborn ring-tailed lemur,” said Bob Lessnau, with the Cincinnati Zoo, in a news release on Monday. “The stability of ring-tailed lemur populations in Zoos is crucial as wild populations endure dire straits. Like most prosimians in Madagascar, ring-tailed lemurs are threatened by habitat destruction and the bush-meat trade.”

Visitors can see the whole family at Lemur Lookout.

Though widely found in Madagascar, ring-tailed lemurs are an endangered species.