9-year-old baseball player gets his ‘training legs’ and takes first steps

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BEREA, OH - Many parents celebrate their child's first steps as a toddler, but one Berea family had to wait several years to witness their child stand tall and take steps on his own.

"Just seeing the strength it's taken him, the determination, the perseverance and the commitment to want to walk has just been phenomenal," said Ryan Davis.

Fox 8 first introduced you to Gabe Davis, 9, earlier this month. The Berea Tiger baseball player is learning how to walk on what his family calls "training legs," a short pair of prosthetics. Gabe was born with a rare disability impacting the appearance and function of his legs.

Gabe hopes his "training legs," will help him quickly adjust to a future, more permanent pair. He's working to one day become faster than his favorite Indians player.

"If I get a big hit or a home run I could run all the bases and maybe I can be faster than Lindor," said Gabe.

This week marks the six-year anniversary of Gabe's adoption from his native Ghana. His family says he continues to shatter their expectations. Gabe's goal is to one day compete in a Paralympics event for his native country or the United States.