Video: jet skiers pull burning boat away from boats, homes on Catawba Island

Video courtesy of Fox 8 viewer Laura Duffy

CATAWBA ISLAND, Ohio - Some quick-thinking jet skiers grabbed the trailing lines of a burning boat and pulled it away from other boats and homes on Catawba Island Sunday.

The Coast Guard confirms to Fox 8 that the boat was being gassed up at Catawba Landing gas station on West Harbor at around 1:30 p.m. when it caught fire. No one was on the boat at the time, and people were able to release the boat from the dock to prevent further damage.

Photo: Adam Stonestreet

However, once released, the boat began drifting toward other boats and lakeside homes. That was when several jet skiers sprang into action. They grabbed a line that was trailing off of the boat and pulled it to a safer area, as directed by firefighters. The firefighters were then able to put the blaze out.

The Coast Guard reports that no one was injured in this at all.