Drivers have questions after dozens of cars towed during busy downtown weekend

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CLEVELAND--A night of fun downtown turned out to be a little more complicated than originally thought. Dozens of drivers had their vehicles towed during the big U2 concert Saturday night.

Some of the drivers tell Fox 8 they believe there could have been better planning for the weekend traffic.

FirstEnergy Stadium was packed Saturday night with 55,000 concert-goers, making for a busy traffic time in the city.

Some drivers claim there weren't any signs up, or clear communication from the city about parking restrictions.

The Cleveland Vehicle Impound Unit confirmed as least 50 vehicles were in their lot Sunday morning. The employee did not indicate whether or not that number was extremely high after a busy downtown weekend.

People were towed from several streets, including W. 6th and E. 9th.

One tourist from Silver Spring, Maryland, says she was stuck without a car for an extra night here in Cleveland.

"I came back after a fantastic, epic concert, and I could understand because  there was so much traffic, why they would have parking restrictions, but there were not, the cars were just gone," said Mitsuko Herrera.

"I don't mind that the city needs to manage traffic because it was very congested, but they do have an obligation to give you notice."

Fox 8 reached out to the city and the Cleveland Police Department about the towing situation.

A spokesperson for CPD responded, saying:

"Parking restrictions are posted well in advance of events."

Some of the towed drivers say they are going to contest the fines.