Vice President Pence brings messages to NE Ohio manufacturers during visit

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BEDFORD, Ohio - Increase manufacturing, repeal and replace Obamacare: two messages Vice President Mike Pence brought in his first visit to Cleveland since taking office.

Vice President Pence spoke to hundreds of people inside Tendon Manufacturing on Aurora Road in Bedford Wednesday afternoon.

"I'll make you a promise, President Trump is gonna be the best friend American manufacturing will ever have," said the Vice President.

The White House says they were impressed by Tendon because it is an American-owned and American-operated metal fabrication company. Before his speech, Pence met with business leaders and talked about repealing and replacing Obamacare. Fox 8 was the only local TV station allowed to listen in.

"If you give people the ability to buy health insurance across state lines or however they'd like to buy them and you allow states to reform Medicaid so it meets the unique need of the people of Cleveland, Ohio or like in my state, that goes a long way towards the health care reform Americans have longed for," said Pence during a meeting with the leaders.

Fox 8 also followed along, as Tendon employees gave the Vice President a tour of their facility.

"Hopefully, it'll help them build up the manufacturing industry again, while everything else is being shipped out foreign, bring it back home, you know and make it here," said Tendon Manufacturing employee Jerry Dent.

"It's remarkable that the Democrats in Congress would rather let Obamacare implode and let the country suffer, rather than admit their mistake and help Republicans rescue the American people," said Vice President Pence.

"We're a small manufacturer in Warrensville Heights here, we employ about 48 people, and we're here to talk about ACA and how it needs to change and benefit our employees," said Vince Costello, owner of Diversified Mold and Castings in Warrensville Heights.

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Renacci flew to Cleveland on Air Force Two with the Vice-President.

"We talked about Cleveland, we talked about the Great Lakes, I mean, we flew over the Great Lakes, it's a great opportunity," Renacci said.

"We will make America great again, thank you all very much," said Pence before leaving.

About twenty protesters greeted the vice president when his motorcade arrived.

Vice President Pence attended a private fundraiser in Northeast Ohio before heading back to Washington.