Tuscarawas County couple celebrates anniversary with totally tubular 80s photo shoot

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DOVER, Ohio– Check out this rad dude and dudette!

Steve and Danielle VanHorn decided to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in a very nontraditional way. The couple from Dover staged an 80s-style photo shoot, complete with fanny packs, unitards and big hair.

The VanHorns spent $6 at the local thrift store on their outfits. Then they turned to Vanessa Hoffman at Giggle Monster Photography, who’s previously done family photos of the couple’s children.

Steve said they had so much fun during the photo shoot, from their neighbors’ funny looks to the photographer’s reaction to their poses.

“We literally took forever to get it done because we had to keep stopping to compose ourselves. It was an absolute blast!” Steve said.

While their kids were confused by the outrageous outfits, the reaction around Dover has been overwhelmingly positive for these high school sweethearts.

“We can’t go anywhere in town without people stopping to laugh and telling us someone showed them the pics. It’s been great,” Steve said.

And yes, that mustache is real!