Summertime treats: At 808, it’s ‘shave’ not ‘shaved’ ice

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FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio -- Attention, ice cream: You've got some competition this summer.

There's an icy treat that's giving you a run for your money.

It's called shave ice, and it's invading the tastebuds of Northeast Ohioans as we speak.

808 Shave Ice, in particular, is making waves on the west side.

So first, what's with the name?

"808 is the area code for the whole state of Hawaii. We're bringing the 808 experience (The Hawaiian Experience) to the 216 / 440," owner Nick Kudej said.

And we don't have typos in our story. Kudej says, "shave" is the proper spelling.

"Shave is just the Hawaiian way. Poor grammar, delicious eats. We've had Hawaiians born and raised in Hawaii come in just because we were missing the "D." They knew it would be authentic."

While ice cream remains an old favorite, there are plenty of reasons why the shave ice stands out.

"I don't want to say we are a better option -- even being the business owner. We're an alternative option. We support the ice cream shops in our city as do all our customers. What we offer is a lighter dessert option with over 30 flavors to choose from. All of our Shave Ice flavors come straight from Hawaii. The fruit flavors are made of natural fruit purees which cuts out the artificial flavor. We are generally dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and soy free. There are some exceptions and we do carry those allergens in our shop. Shave ice is also fat free. You can come every day and try a new unique combination," Kudej said.

Don't get it confused with a slushy, Kudej says the ice is shaved finely so there's equal flavor throughout.

**Watch a demonstration here**

If you're looking for something besides a sugar fix, grab some coffee or tea.

"We also have 100 percent Kona Coffee from a certified organic family farm in Hawaii. Loose leaf fresh brewed teas and decadent frappes," Kudej said.

No worries if it rains either ... there's inside seating!

More information on 808, HERE.