Stark County resident foots the bill to keep four-foot officer safe

CANTON, Ohio - They play an important role in keeping our streets safe. And now a local K-9 officer is safe too, thanks to a generous donation.

Mylo has been serving Stark County for more than a year now. Today he was fitted for his very own ballistic vest. The vest is bullet and stab proof and it doesn't come cheap, at a cost of over $1,000.

But a Stark County resident decided to foot the bill in order to keep this four foot safe. Nancy Rogers was inspired to donate the money after reading about the death of K-9 Jethro, who was killed in the line of duty in January of last year.

Mylo is actually one of three k-9 officers with Stark County.

K-9 Chase is now the only one who doesn't have a vest. The sheriff says once Chase is fully trained, he'll get one too!