Adorable video: Deer makes friends with Eastlake family’s dog

EASTLAKE, Ohio-- Boxers are some of the most playful pups you'll ever meet and Bob Bundy's pooch is no different.

He captured video of his dog, Layla, interacting with a deer in the backyard of his Eastlake home at about noon on Friday. The 4-year-old American boxer is named after a different type of boxer: Layla Ali.

The dog jumps along the fence, as if to say, "Play with me!" to her new four-legged friend. Though hesitant at first, the deer begins to hop too. By the end of the clip, the odd couple appears to be playing peek-a-boo.

"I just thought it was adorable. Layla is very friendly and always likes to make new friends, unless you're a squirrel. She even lives with three rescue cats," Bundy said.

Bundy said the deer has been showing up near his home a lot lately. His family named her Babette and spotted her making friends with one of their cats later in the day.