Watch Kyrie’s tearful Father’s Day surprise to dad who ‘gave up his dreams’ for his kids

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NEW JERSEY — The Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving gave his dad the ultimate surprise for Father’s Day this year as a way to thank him for all he’s sacrificed for his kids.

And Kyrie got an emotional surprise himself during the big reveal on an episode of the online series, “My Houzz.”

Irving and his sister, Asia, had arranged to secretly remodel their childhood home in New Jersey as a surprise to their dad.

Irving said their father, Drederick, ultimately gave up his own dream to play professional basketball for Kyrie and his sister, Asia.

“My dad gave up his dreams for my sister’s dreams and my dream,” said Irving. “He knew that from the beginning. He¬†worked his tail off to get that house and provide for my self and my sister, and he deserves it.”

Kyrie and his sister helped with the renovation and to redecorate the home before surprising their father. Asia had an extra surprise for her dad, which was emotional for Kyrie, too.

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