Rittman baseball teams dedicate game, and love, to grandma battling cancer

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WAYNE COUNTY, Ohio - Rittman youth baseball players showed that their sport is much more than a game.

The 7- and 8-year-olds on opposing teams joined together to surprise one of the boys' grandmother, who was recently diagnosed with extremely rare “Pleomorphic” breast cancer.

“When I found out my heart dropped,” said Lisa Schimpf, head coach of the Red Team. “She’s just an awesome woman, she’s at every practice and every game.”

Even after getting the diagnosis and undergoing two surgeries, Linda Corp has continued to cheer for her grandson Caleb and all of the boys.

Wednesday night was the last game of the season.

The coaches, players, parents and Linda’s family planned several special surprises for her.

Both sides wore pink inspirational wristbands and they played with a pink game ball, but the biggest show of support came after the game.

Instead of congratulating each other with the customary hand slaps, one by one all of the players from both teams presented Linda with a pink flower and a hug.

They said Linda has always cheered for them and now all of Rittman is rooting for her recovery.

“I’m really surprised I’m really thankful,” said Linda as she wiped away the tears.