The Great Escape (Crib Version) takes place in California

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CALIFORNIA – Never, ever, ever underestimate the resourcefulness of a three-year-old trying to help his brother break out of prison his crib.

1-year-old Finn was trapped in his crib – unable to break through the bars that held him in. Until his older brother Ollie took matters into his own hands.

Ollie sees the problem, assesses, and then moves into action. He brings a chair across the room and puts it INTO the crib. He climbs in, shows Finn what to do to break out and the next thing you know: both brothers are out of the crib and free.

The parents of these two little guys, Bryan and Missy Lanning, caught it all on their nursery camera.

Impressive, very impressive. And just a little bit scary, too, from a parent’s perspective, anyway.