Food fight: Video shows brawl at McDonald’s over McChicken sandwich

DES MOINES, Iowa — A violent food fight erupts at a McDonald’s restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa.

Cell phone video shows a customer getting into a fight with an employee. According to KCCI, the fight began when the woman wasn’t getting her McChicken sandwiches fast enough.

The woman, who is with two men, comes to the counter and yells that she wants her food or her money back. “Give me my (expletive). Scared, aren’t you?”

Video shows the employee hand the woman her food; then, the woman throws the sandwich at her. At that point, the employee pulls the woman over the counter and a brawl breaks out.

Witnesses tell KCCI the customers appeared to be intoxicated. They took off after the fight and police are still looking for them.