Mayor Jackson joins US mayors in pledge to honor Paris Climate Agreement

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CLEVELAND – Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is joining other US mayors in a pledge to honor the provisions of the Paris climate agreement.

President Trump drew controversy this week when he pulled the US out of the climate accord.

Mayor Jackson says he is joining the Mayor’s National Climate Action Agenda, a group of 200 mayors working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mayor Jackson said in a video posted to the city’s Facebook page that changes to climate policy in Washington would not affect the plans underway in Cleveland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

“We’re in support of a worldwide climate action plan and we are committed to doing our part here in Cleveland. It is simply the right thing to do,” Mayor Jackson said. “We have a responsibility to leave for future generation a more green, vibrant and healthy Cleveland.”

President Trump says the accord is bad for our economy — and particularly unfair to the United States.