I-Team: Cavs gear for $10 … is it legit?

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CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating a corner store that’s been opened offering Cavs shirts and more for the Finals at prices starting as low as $10.

We wondered the same thing Jen Cseh wondered as she passed by and stopped in for a look. She said, "Yeah, so I was  driving by and saw the signs, and I thought this is probably too good to be true. But I'll stop."

Siddiq Mumin opened a temporary store at Euclid and Eddy in East Cleveland. He sells the high-end stuff licensed by the National Basketball Association. Plus, lots of what he calls private label gear for as low as 10 bucks. That includes clothing with team spirit, but for example, no team name or logos.

Mumin told the I-Team, “We are making every effort to be in compliance with all rules and regulations. My lawyers have advised me what is legally able to be reproduced without any copyright infringement."

Still, we wondered about shirts that have pictures of players. How can he sell shirts with pictures of players? Mumin responded, “It’s the same thing. NBA does not own the rights of images and rights of players.”

The I-Team reached out to the league, the players union, and the Cavs. Through a spokesperson, the Cavs said, “The simple answer is, if it is not licensed by the NBA, it’s illegal.”

However, Mumin reacted to that by saying, "I welcome the NBA to challenge me. I have attorneys on deck.”

Investigators have said the league and others are watching for any “knock-off” or counterfeit gear during the Finals. Meantime, at this shop, folks on both sides of the counter are cashing in on the fan frenzy. The store is making money, and the shoppers are saving money.

Carla Vernon said, "I'd rather come here than pay 24 dollars for a shirt, or 30 dollars."