What people in every state have trouble spelling

Google Trends tweeted a map that shows the most misspelled word for every state.

Google Trends just released the most misspelled word for every state, and —

Oh, dear. Wisconsin, are you OK?

Granted, this data was compiled from searches that started “how to spell…” so maybe Wisconsinites spell check “Wisconsin” a lot to — settle arguments? Clear up accent-related misunderstandings? Seems like a reach.

While Wisconsin deals with its identity crisis, let’s check out the rest of the United States for their hilarious (or sometimes completely understandable) spelling problems.

The ones with no excuses:

New Mexico: Banana

North Carolina: Angel

Rhode Island: Liar

Idaho: Quote

Mississippi: Nanny

Hawaii: People

South Dakota: College

Iowa: Vacuum

South Carolina, Arkansas: Chihuahua

Georgia: Gray

New Hampshire: Diarrhea

West Virginia, Connecticut: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious