Macedonia movie theater robbery caught on video; suspect arrested

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MACEDONIA, Ohio - Surveillance video revealed tense moments inside the Macedonia Cinemark Theaters.

Police said Ahmad Adonta Siddiq, of Maple Heights, walked up to the ticket window at the Macedonia Cinemark Theaters and passed a stack of one dollar bills to the attendant in which he had placed a note instructing her to keep quiet, "this is a robbery."

Police said the attendant, who started suffering a panic attack, was not complying quickly enough, which made Siddiq agitated.

"He said to hurry up get him the money. I have got people waiting for me outside maybe a threat to her that there were other people with him at that point," said Macedonia detective Richard Lee.

The surveillance video showed Siddiq going into the theater and unsuccessfully trying to force his way into the ticket booth through a secured door.

Police said when they were called the incident was reported as a 'break-in' at a theater that was open for business at the time.

Saddiq is then seen walking to the concession stand where he hurdles the counter and tried to open the cash registers.

He was still behind the counter when the first officer arrived and confronted him with his gun drawn.

"He said, 'I'm robbing this place and I'm off my meds. Officer Bacher relayed that information as he was holding him at gunpoint to the responding officers and to dispatch to let them know what was happening," said Lea.

The video showed other officers arriving moments later. Siddiq is seen still behind the concession stand counter with his arms in the air as he is handcuffed and taken into custody.

"This is something where I'm sure the officer involved here who I know has put himself in this scenario and went through how he would respond and what his best positions were he had good cover in the theater. He didn't try to be a hero and make things happen on his own. He was able to give commands. He waited for help to arrive to take him into custody," said Lea.

Siddiq was charged with trespassing, theft and robbery.

"This is how we would like them all to pan out response wise, time wise, and the outcome.. No one was hurt. It  could have been much more serious so we are thankful for that," said Lea.​