I TEAM: Cavs fan posts scam warning

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a Cavs fan sending a warning about con artists trying to cash in on the NBA Finals, and we’ve learned investigators are already looking at that same problem.

Matt Stricklin has posted a warning on a popular website to fans about ticket scams for the Cavs championship games. He did it after he said he got taken when trying to buy tickets on-line for the last round of the playoffs. Stricklin admits he got ripped off by someone selling seats for $100 apiece.

Stricklin said, "I probably won't get justice, but I just want to warn other people. Make sure they don't get scammed. So I just want to warn other people and have it stop."

His warning is posted where lots of fans look to buy and sell tickets. The warning says, in part: “Scams everywhere for Cavs tickets. Do not buy any tickets from anyone unless you know for sure they are legit. Have the seller prove it to you….Do not reply to stupid stories about strokes, car accidents, etc. Also nothing that starts off with names, hi, etc.”

Meantime, the I TEAM has learned Cleveland Police and federal agents are already investigating fake tickets and suspected con artists.

Last year during the Finals, police arrested a handful of people for ticket scams including a smooth-talking con man recorded on cell phone video. He later plead guilty, but on that day, he got out of jail on bond. Since then he disappeared, and there’s a warrant out for his arrest.

You can find all kinds of tickets for this year’s championship games available on the internet, even at outrageous prices.

And, in addition to Matt Stricklin’s post, we also uncovered another posting warning fans of scams.

Investigators have said repeatedly the safest ways to buy tickets is through the team or reputable brokers.