Good Samaritan recounts rescue at Edgewater Park on Memorial Day

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CLEVELAND - Erick and Cherie Wilcox of Parma were biking at Edgewater Park on Memorial Day when they stopped to rest down at the beach.

"We noticed two guys and two girls in their twenties. One guy was pointing in the water, he was contemplating getting in but he was pointing out different rocks," said Wilcox.

Erick turned to talk to his wife but then he turned back around.

"The guy who was contemplating going into the water was in the water and he was face down and his head was moving like this. It looked like he was looking at his feet because his head and his hands was like this," said Wilcox.

Wilcox says a girl in the group eventually went into the water.

When she flipped him over, the man was blue. Wilcox immediately sprang into action.

"I grab him by the arms, and pull him up onto the rock. I feel his chest, he's not breathing. I got down on my knees and started CPR,"said Wilcox.

His wife called 911.

Wilcox says the man finally woke up as paramedics arrived.

The man was rushed to MetroHealth, where he continues to recover from his injuries.

"When I visited him in the hospital, he said he was told the water was deep and he dove in head first. The water is only knee-deep. He broke four vertebrae and broke his neck," said Wilcox.

Wilcox is a city of Cleveland employee. He says a CPR class he was required to take several years ago taught him what to do.‚Äč