“These are some tough days ahead:” family, friends gather at memorial service for Akron family killed in fire

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AKRON, Ohio - It's a loss that will linger for a lifetime, an Akron family of seven killed in an arson. Saturday family and friends gathered to remember the Huggins and Boggs family.

The memorial comes the same week Akron Police arrested and charged Stanley Ford with aggravated arson and aggravated murder. He is accused of setting the fire, killing Dennis Huggins, 35, along with Angela Boggs, 38 and five of their children, Jered Boggs, 14, Daisia Huggins, 6, Kylle Huggins, 5, Alivia Huggins, 3, and Cameron Huggins, 1 year old.

"These are some tough days ahead," said Dr. Tony Huggins, a pastor and surviving brother of Dennis who delivered the eulogy. "It's going to be a rough road ahead but I believe we can find safety in his [God's] arms."

The Word Church of Akron served as the sanctuary for surviving family members Saturday. The message was one of hope and forgiveness. Dr. Huggins stated during his eulogy the children were found huddled with their parents, a fact he said provided him comfort. Many in attendance wore shirts that read "#HugginsStrong."

"When you look at the enormity of this tragedy the family as a whole they've been strong," said family attorney Eddie Sipplen. "They've been unified, they have just been very thankful first and foremost to the love that our community has shown them."

Pastors made a point during the service to say you never lose those you love if you keep them in your heart.

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