Cincinnati officer hospitalized after touching illegal substance

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CINCINNATI-- An Ohio police officer is recovering after touching what authorities say is a suspected drug during a narcotics-related traffic stop.

Officials say the Cincinnati police officer felt light headed after touching the substance on Tuesday.

The officer was treated at a hospital. Police will test the substance to determine what it is.

A police officer in East Liverpool accidentally overdosed last week when he touched the powerful opioid fentanyl on his shirt during a drug arrest.

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"When you sign up for the job, you are prepared and trained about possible shootings and stabbings, but you don't think about a particle of dust killing you," said East Liverpool Officer Chris Green.

A Cincinnati police union official says potent street drugs are more dangerous for both addicts and the first responders.

"We believe an illegal substance, maybe our highest suspicion would be fentanyl, or something like that," said Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Dan Hils, according to WLWT in Cincinnati. "It's my understanding, (the officer) did not have gloves on at the time and it was an exposure to the hand."