Cleveland Assistant Law Director charged with disorderly conduct

Christopher Heltzel (Photo courtesy: Cleveland Heights police)- from his January 2017 arrest

CLEVELAND- Cleveland Assistant Law Director is facing his own legal troubles.

32-year-old Christopher Heltzel is charged with disorderly conduct intoxication.

A report from University Circle police states Heltzel was arrested around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning on Chester Avenue.

The report did not state why he was arrested, but says Heltzel created a condition which presented a risk of physical harm to himself or others.

Heltzel told FOX 8 News,”I’m horrifically embarrassed and ashamed of my actions. I’ve decided to go seek help.”

Back in January, Heltzel was arrested for disorderly conduct/voluntary intoxication and taken to Cleveland Heights jail. He was charged with intoxication. He later appeared in court and plead not guilty to those charges.

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