Perfect attendance: Teen inspired by mom has never missed a day of school

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CANAL FULTON, Ohio -- It’s not about being perfect; it's about being determined.

And if anything, Northwest High School senior Trevor Summers has always been very determined.

He's been active in school activities like football where he was a two-year starter on varsity.
Trevor never missed a game.

In fact, he's never ever missed anything. He's been at school every day since kindergarten.

“Yeah, I don't want to fall behind in class; I just feel like I have to be there," Trevor said.

So, how do you not get sick for 13 years?

Trevor said he's come to school when he was ill and even sore from two-a-day football practices.

That's because he looks at going to school as his job, even when the days are pretty tough.

“7:30, start school, ends about 2:20. Football practice started at 2:45; go like three hours, go home, eat, study, then go to bed and do it all again," he told us.

Trevor had a bit of inspiration for this achievement.

His mom, Kelly Summers, has never missed a day's work for Northwest Local Schools in 17 years.

She's had a lot of different jobs and takes on each one with that same determination.

“For me it's very important to be here. I went to school back in the 1980s. It was taught to me that this was my job; I had to be here every day dressed appropriately, speak nicely to my teachers, stuff like that," she said.

“This is all because of her, honestly," Trevor said. “She expects me to do it and I want to make her happy."

There is no major award or cash prize for Trevor’s 13 years of perfect attendance in Northwest Local School -- just the knowledge that when he cleans out his locker for the very last time, a family tradition of determination will always carry him forward.