Mark Wahlberg to friend LeBron James: ‘Go easy on my Celtics’

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CLEVELAND -- Mark Wahlberg came to Cleveland to talk burgers, but the main dish he served up on the red carpet was about basketball; particularly, LeBron James.

"He's knocking on Michael Jordan's doorstep as far as legacy and the greatest of all time. He continues to just go out there and do amazing things. I'm very happy for him," the 45-year-old actor said of his longtime friend.

Wahlberg, who was in town Thursday night for the VIP preview event for Wahlburgers at Jack Casino, is a well-known Celtics fan. We asked him to give LeBron a shout out, and this is what the Boston native had to say:

"Man, go easy on my Celtics if they make it past the Wizards. Maybe let them get one win."

The "Transformers: Age of Extinction" star said he appreciates how LeBron came back to Cleveland, and what it means to the city.

"For him to come back here, for Dan to bring him back, for them to win, and give a city ... you've got so many hardworking people. You know, most of the things that they have there, the ability to focus on, as far as happiness and joy, is in their sports teams. And, to have that win, and that victory, and come back the way they did, is absolutely amazing," Wahlberg said. "Coming back 3-1 (in the 2016 NBA Finals) has never been done before, and the way that he did it, and winning it in Golden Sate, it was pretty special."

James, who posted an Instagram snap of the two working out last fall, shares the same adoration of Wahlberg, calling him a "great dude," then alluding to a mysterious gift that the "Entourage" creator had given him, with the hashtag: #TrulyAppreciateTheGift.

What is the gift? Inquiring minds want to know, but Wahlberg, who mentioned said gift on the red carpet Thursday evening, won't say. "I'll let him share that with you," he said of LeBron.

Meantime, while we wait for King James to unlock the gift secret, dozens of fans lined up on Ontario Street and Prospect Avenue outside of the Jack Casino parking garage, where Wahlburgers sits on the first floor.

It's concept is simple: "Our family. Our story. Our burgers," the chain states on its website.

Including the latest location in Cleveland, you can now feast on gourmet burgers, tater tots, fries, chicken sandwiches, and salads, all while sipping on drinks from its full-service bar, in more than a dozen Wahlburgers restaurants across North America.

Wahlburgers in Cleveland has no official opening date, but a spokesperson for the franchise said that would be revealed soon.

When it does officially open, we wonder: Will LeBron be there?

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