Forget flowers and chocolate: One mom says this is what SHE wants for Mother’s Day…

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Mother’s Day is Sunday — and one mom is saying what she really wants.

It’s not a dinner out or a bouquet of flowers, and what mom and blogger Julie Bigboy would like is totally free.

Coming in at No. 1 is waking up on her own — with no alarm clocks or screaming children. No.2 is breakfast in bed, even if it’s a doughnut.

No. 3 is being able to eat without having to share.

“Bottom line, mom wants the doughnut to herself, and the kids are going to fight over who’s going to lick the sprinkles off her plate,” Bigboy says.

Also on her list? Using the bathroom alone, looking cute, having the house to herself, a day without chores or errands and dinner that requires no clean-up.

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