Engine issue prompted plane’s emergency landing in Aurora, police say

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AURORA, Ohio-- The small plane that made an emergency landing in Aurora experienced an engine issue, police say.

The pilot called 911 at about 10 p.m. Wednesday to report he was forced to land in a field near North Aurora and North Bissell roads.

"There's power lines, structures all over the place. So he was able to find that field that was clear and was able to successfully navigate and land the plane without any injuries or any damage to anything," Lt. Andy Lumpkins said.

The pilot told FOX 8 he didn't know that particular field was there, but he's always scanning for potential emergency landing locations.

The pilot is now tasked with removing the small aircraft. He said not all places that work for landings are suitable for takeoff.

No charges will be filed and the Ohio State Highway Patrol is not investigating since the plane didn't crash.