‘It’s getting worse’: Georgia city cracking down on saggy pants

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AUGUSTA, Ga. — City leaders in Augusta, Ga., are cracking down on saggy pants.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that a comprehensive dress policy has been approved for all the city’s facilities after a proposed ban on saggy pants.

The ban would have involved a citation and possible community service for those who violated the rules.

One commissioner said the issue didn’t warrant such a ban.

“We have more pertinent issues to talk about. I don’t think the taxpayers are paying us to be the fashion police,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

But another commissioner said the problem just keeps getting worse.

“We’ve lost about four, maybe five generations,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. “Grown men have been allowed to do this and think it’s fine. It’s not getting any better… it’s getting worse.”

The Augusta mayor added that was no “enforcement mechanism” in place for the ban.

The leaders instead approved the development of a dress code, which would cover saggy pants.

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