I TEAM: From local candidate to suspected con man

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CLEVELAND, Ohio - The FOX 8 I TEAM has learned of a growing investigation into a man who made headlines a decade ago when he ran for mayor of Streetsboro as a teenager.

And we’ve obtained jailhouse phone calls that are part of the investigation into Brett McClafferty.

Since McClafferty made headlines running for mayor, records show he’s been convicted in Cuyahoga County, Summit County, and Geauga County for charges including passing bad checks and theft. Now he sits in jail under investigation for more.

Cuyahoga County has charges pending revolving around credit card fraud, Summit County has a pending probation violation, and the Ohio Attorney General’s office says it has “multiple investigations in multiple jurisdictions”.

On the phone calls, McClafferty can be heard talking to his mother. She asks, "Are you being investigated by the Attorney General again?" He says, at one point, "I know I didn't do anything wrong. That's my mentality." His mother responds, "That's your mentality. But you don't tell us all the stuff going on..."

In the latest Cuyahoga County case, investigators say McClafferty lived for weeks at the trendy downtown complex, the 9. Police say he paid for it with a credit card scam using 5 credit cards to pay for bills totalling nearly 13 thousand bucks.

McClafferty’s past criminal troubles have been tied to roofing scams and other financial crimes.

Joe Miller said, "He definitely should go to jail. He's proven to be a con man." Miller says he has lent McClafferty big money over the years and been scammed out of it. Authorities are investigating his claims. He added, "I was really impressed. I always thought he'd be mayor of Streetsboro. I just assumed a lot and turned out he was a phony."

On one jail call, McClafferty can be heard arguing with his mother as she questions plans for a vacation using his vacation club bonus. She says, "Brett, we just don't want you bull-------- us."

McClafferty can be heard claiming innocence and speaking of beating any charges.

The I TEAM reached his Cleveland attorney, and he had no comment.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors released a statement saying they couldn’t speak about specifics of a pending case. But they’re hoping any other possible victims contact the office so that they can look into the claims.