Time to move? Woman’s home is crawling with hundreds of snakes

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OAK PARK HEIGHTS, Minn.– A single mother in Minnesota spent years saving for a down payment on a home for family only to find it’s infested with snakes.

Angie Whitley did several walk-throughs and had the home inspected. But 45 minutes after the sale with final, she discovered a slippery surprise. As she was bringing a box into her new bedroom, she found a snake.

“One quickly turned into three, four, five. Today, it’s six months later. Now I’m about 95 snakes that I’ve found inside my house,” Whitley told WCCO in Minneapolis.

And there are hundreds more just outside the house.

The nurse and mother of two later learned there’s a garter snake den under her property, which sits close to a marsh. Whitley spent more than $13,000 trying to handle the snake problem, ripping up her basement to seal possible cracks and pumping water out of the foundation.

A local pest control company donated its services to help rid the house of snakes.

Whitley also hired a lawyer to enter arbitration with the previous owner of the home.